March 24, 2014

A Glowing Birthday!

”Who gets this mom?”

Zoe wanted a doll from the movie “Frozen.”  The stores were out…back ordered, and we wanted one by Sunday.  They must be a huge hit as even the online stores were running out as George pushed the button and ordered.  Much to our distinct pleasure, this latest princess doll arrived on time.

We had been to Zoe’s brother Alex’s birthday party at Chucky Cheese a millennium ago.  No ten-foot rat this time.  We were at McDonalds the land of Chicken McNugets and fries.  Surrounded by kids she’s known from her first day care, there was movement everywhere.  They played.  They ate, they ran hither and yon and had a ball.  Dragging them to the table for cake and presents was a chore.

Cake was served with a flourish, and presents were opened in rapid fire time.  Margot wrote who gave what, and I got the tissue out of the way as fast as I could.

One package from me elicited an, “Oh, books,” from Zoe.  But they were her current favorites.

We fled.  Nicely.  Politely.  Leaving the lovely, glowing, happy and now healthy adults to round up their kids.   Some of whom call me mom and G George.  We came home to switch our clothing upscale a bit, and off to a meeting we went. 

There was a very famous lady there last night.  Sparkling in too large clothes, her bones angling out into the room shocking me.  Her now thin hair teased up where she wore it many years ago.  I spoke to her.  I hugged her later.  She pan-handled my last two dollars off me for cigarettes.

“I’ll see you in three weeks,” I told her.  “You can pay me back then.”

I so hope she comes back and learns she too can live a happy glowing life....that she's not alone.


  1. You would tease us with the 'famous lady' which we can never know about. It is intriguing and we are all fascinated sadly when the big ones fall so far. I hope she gets her act together, though. Perhaps you will be the thread from which she weaves her new life. Your little gal looks healthy and happy, glad you survived that party.

  2. I think after all these years 'we've' grown to noticing but not taking much notice of the 'oh books' comments. I used to have a list of who liked what author and who had which of the series and yet would still get 'oh books'. Good job we are tough skinned LOL
    The cruise I spoke of earlier is with HAL to the Black Sea this coming October. Odessa and Sevastapol are on the ports list so we are waiting to hear if they'll be cancelled and what will be substituted in their place. Few months yet but still wondering and hoping all is well for the citizens of those places where the strife is.
    Take care

  3. Hope your "lady" comes back. Sounds like a grand party, and a happy looking little girl.

  4. I hope you lady comes back for many reasons.

  5. A lovely post. Happy days. Enjoy them!

    As for Macdonald's...we get food from them several times a week. Alt the items are in my WW app. A new book out by a fellow who ate nothing but Mac for six months and lost a ton of weight. He calls it the MacDonald's diet.

    My granddaughter Joy wrote a paper for her FFA contest...on MacDonald's and what a responsible company they have become. Dianne

  6. The birthday was good. I hope the lady makes it back to the meeting.

  7. Tabor is right.. you are a tease. :) I hope she finds her way back. She knows she has at least one warm hug waiting for her when she does.

    Lovely day for your sweet girl.

  8. Am I the only person left on the planet who hasn't seen Frozen? I have my excuse because my kids own the video.

    Sounds like you are enjoying all facets of life. Good for you!

    I'm with the others: who's the famous lady. :)


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