March 26, 2014

A Postcard from 2010


Almost ready to walk the plank.

  • Himself:  ”Three,” he calls.  He hasn’t tried on anything yet, and I think he will be in shock.
  • Herself:  Learning just enough “bootstrap” to get posts on Prosebox.  Clothes still fit or are loose.  Meds packed.  Feeling really pretty good at last.  Crossing all toes and fingers.
  • Reading:  Hornby.
  • Balance:  Working books today.  The boss has someone to do Facebook tho no one yet for the books.


    1. Take a Kindle on board. The only trouble with it is you might have to recharge the battery.
      I can tell you are very excited about this cruise.

    2. If the clothes don't fit Saturday morning, it's SHOPPING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Hope all the digit crossing woeks. I am thoroughly impressed with the toe crossing, hee hee, well, post-stroke with the finger crossing, too.

      Way to live to the fullest, stroke sister!

    4. that a weight loss exercise? I am afraid I would be unable to get them uncrossed. My energies these days make me look forward to other people's trips vicariously.

    5. Walking the planks looks like good exercise!

    6. Don't read Ronnie anymore. She's annoying at best. Ill informed opinions and biased to boot. I like my information objective and informed. Can't blame some youngsters for not voting. Look at the party hacks and loonies running for office on BoTH sides.

      Non random survey of political science majors at George Washington U turned up no one who could name his or her Senator.

      We never should have lowered the voting age. A dumb idea from the Dems. Most youngsters and many of their elders are ill-informed.

    7. Are you clothes still fitting and/or loose? :)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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