March 25, 2014

Bringing Books, Books...

Books on every wall, in every basket, and in piles upstairs.

The great Geezer brought out the suitcases this morning.  I have piles of clothes everywhere to join with those suitcases.  Even worse, I have piles of books waiting my attention.  What shall I bring; what do I want to read on the plane or for the first three days at sea.  I stare at my book piles in dismay.

Other packing plans are well organized.  I’m proud of me, frankly.  One formal pant and top outfit plus one dress.  My glove leather shoes will go with both outfits.  Three wire hangers in the hang up bag and I am done there.  Jewelry: nothing of any value. 

I’ve picked too many shirts and pants.  Those can be winnowed down.  But the books are a problem.  You know I will be too excited to really focus on a book, yet books are a necessity for at least the first three days at sea.  That leaves me with a choice of only those books that have no depth or richness.  Mindless.  Paperback only.  Light weight, smaller size…I hope, and maybe three.  No poetry.  I have a whole basket of poetry just waiting to be read….too deep for the distracted traveler in me.

Four volumes of the Hornblower series are waiting in the book pile.  There’s Pat Conroy’s “My Reading Life, that’s light, and there are several more in that same genre.  Nick Hornby’s book reviews are tantalizing me too, along with a battered version of “Gift From the Sea.”  There are three or four mysteries.  And too, I can cherry-pick the sci-fi for something light.  I’m overwhelmed.

I think I will go pack shirts.

  • Himself:  Counting the days out loud.  “Four” he said this morning.  Four working days.

  • Herself:  My old roommate from the seventies will meet us in Ft. Lauderdale and stay overnight in the same hotel.  What absolute fun.

  • Reading:  ”The Polysyllabic Spree,” Nick Hornby.  Not boring but requires brains.

  • Balance:  Still eating very, very carefully.


    1. I do not know if you are prejudiced against them, but you need an e-reader like a kindle where you can carry hundreds of books. Not great for biographies that have photos unless it is a Ipad with color. I always pack too much!

    2. Ooooo My Reading Life for sure, Gift from the Sea at least once a year. Lucky girl. Also, I really enjoy my kindle for travel....but real books on cozy rainy days at home.

    3. And don't forget cruise ships always have extensive librarys onboard - and you nevr know what you'll find in the 'drop and swap' shelf either (books read and then left by previous cruisers to share with others)

      There are some good webcams in Ft Lauderdale that show cruise ship departures - friends and family at home can share your sail away.

      I'm not a tablet liker but they do come in handy now and again at times like this.

    4. Sometimes I pack a book or two that is only of passing interest. And I leave it someplace where another reader might enjoy it.

    5. How about a book of short stories? Light reading and not too much lost if you get distracted.

      I have a "nook" e-reader that does show color. And like Tabor said, for biographies you must have color to see the pics (I like to look at them when they correspond to the part I am reading).

      However, I find the nook hard to hold when I read. So...

    6. With four working days for G that puts you on your way by the weekend. East Coast weather will be perfect by then. Bon voyage. Pack a Kindle. Then you can take your library.

    7. Your packing sounds wonderfully organized. Double duty shoes, and comfort. I took a couple of old Anne Perry mysteries with me. I can just see you now, reading and watching the sea go by. Soon, Bon Voyage.

    8. Buy a small kindle. I have one you can hold in a hand. Dianne

    9. the old fashioned Kindles are a godsend for holiday reading.

    10. I'm back tracking through your posts to follow your trip. (I had a 3 week unintentional blogging lapse.) Anyway, maybe your more current posts will tell me what books you decided to take and read.


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