March 20, 2014

High Clouds

High clouds at the Tory Pines sloughs, 2013.

High clouds and cooler temperatures greeted us this morning.  I was so hoping that we’d have sunshine for a Northern visitor.  67 Degrees and mostly cloudy they tell us, and I confess that I’m disappointed.  By Saturday when we visit her in Coronado, it’s to be colder but sunnier.  As long as we get some sun, I will be happy.

Today I will just stay wrapped in fleece to call my insurance company about a prescription.  Twice my doctor has requested this prescription for me….Estradiol 0.5 mg.  Light stuff.  I don’t want to get half way to South America and run out.  Nor do I want to sound too angry and chilly while I chat. 

Making piles of things to pack are keeping me moving and warm.  G is chilled.  He’s been working with just socks on.  And Bobbie leaves for cold rainy Paris today.  I hope she has taken her bright pink coat. 

Why be chilled inside or out while you pray for sun.


  1. Don' know what I'd do without fleece. Hope you stay warm. A pox on the insurance companies.

  2. Just socks? No clothes? I guess working from home makes it easy to that, eh?

  3. Hmmmm....... "Just socks on my feet"

    Then sweats & t-shirt for the rest of me.

  4. G in wonder he'scold!

  5. Absolutely nothing better than packing for a cruise - our next one is in October and already I'm planning my wardrobe lol
    Also have to plan the medication supply - even with a six month script our pharmacies are only allowed to dispense one month at a time so it takes a little word (travelling) in their ear to ok it.
    Sun is the one thing I miss on rainy days during the winter. We tend to get loads during the summer but it can be in short supply if we have a miserable wet winter.
    Take care


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