March 23, 2014

Online Friends Too

But we did have a lot to talk about:  Jeanne and The Great Geezer George.  2014.

I like days spent with friends whether those friends are books, folks we have never met in person before, or friends from our childhoods.  Yesterday we shared a meal with an old online friend who has many interests similar to ours.

We’ve met other online friends before and they have become real friends.  I remember Blather with more than fondness.  Imagine all that passion locked up in all that opinionated flesh. 

I loved and appreciated Seedy’s from the moment I met her.  There she  is waiting at the dock.  There’s Tabor and her husband in DC.  They made our day.


Thanks to the fact that we travel, we have had the chance to meet some truly wonderful people.  There’s Thomas plus Dianne and David in Washington.  Sometimes they even come this way like Diane and Bonnie Rose.  I’d go a long way to meet all those folks again.

Yesterday’s visit was special.  Our interests truly dovetailed, and perhaps she thought we might have little to say to each other.  No….we talked well after the end of the meal.  We kept talking even with purses in laps, even standing on a deck looking out over the bay edging toward the door.  It was wonderful of her to give us a couple of hours in the middle of her San Diego R&R. 

She sailed, she built sand castles, she got sun burned, and she enjoyed all but being on the down side of a boat tacking into the wind. The sun was out and the day’s glorious.  I hope she had time to take the ferry to the Star of India and a harbor tour.  Whatever she did, we talked about it, and talked about our kids, the rain in Seattle, and her wonderful job.

I’d go a long way to meet her again too.  

  • Himself:  He found one of the Disney's "Frozen" Princesses on line….and the seller got it to us on time.  Every store in town was out.  Zoe's party today at 3pm.  He’s gaming til then.  Meeting later.
  • Herself:  Last night saw "Grand Budhaphest Hotel."  Beautiful.  Very abstract....sort of surrealistic.  Writing, reading, Party and meeting.
  • Reading:  Nothing.  Imagine that.
  • Balance:  The quiet of the day.


    1. I find it odd that huge numbers of people know what you mean about a Frozen Princess online!! You are the kind of people that are somewhat magnetic for others, so, of course, you build a network of virtual and real friends. Fun!

    2. What fun to meet your fellow bloggers. My grandgirls are fascinated with anything "frozen." It's hard to escape popular culture even if you are trying.

    3. I saw the review in the Post which gave the GBH 21/2 stars. Glad to hear you liked it because I love Ralph Fiennes.

      Besides you and George, we've met GigiHawaii and her husband, Denise over at English Girl rambles and her husband, and Big Al and his wife. Several bloggers live near me, but we've yet to meet up. Besides, you know how antisocial I am.

      Looking forward to next October if I can muster the funds without robbing my IRA.

    4. I enjoy meeting blog friends, too.

    5. I remember that picture! It had to be on Tabor's blog.

      I'm sure that I will eventually meet some of my blog friends. You are an encouragement to do so.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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