March 15, 2014

Sunday Snippits

Adding a little color to life.

Life isn’t’ dull here.  The sky is golden as the sun sets.  In the mornings, once the fog blows away the sky is blue all day with a strength that leaves you grinning.  The trees are a truly lively green now that all the old dead leaves have blown away in that last storm.  Everyone has perked up now that the sun stays up in the sky later in the evenings.  Even after a delicious but bloating Thai dinner, I know TMI, I’m still awfully happy with this spring of 2014.

The big boss at work wants me to follow her Facebook rules: Shoot single things and put the price on each item.  That’s so hard for me to do.  I shan’t argue.  It makes sense.  But I rush in to the store, grab my camera, pray I don’t drop it, and start shooting.  I usually have fifteen minutes to take enough pictures to cover three or four days on Facebook.  Artistic style and merit go out the windows.  When I get home, I fix things on Photoshop as much as possible in a three hour time span, then suddenly it’s dinner time.  Poof.  I pop a picture up, hope the boss likes it, and I’m done and headed for food.  The last two days, I’ve made every effort to get prices too.  It's a change, and I dither at changes.

Another change.  Our little mall has become popular.  The customers and employees crowd in…which is good, but now there are few parking places away from our assigned areas or near work.  My truck is bigger than my allotted space, but I’ve finally found a compromise.  There are a couple of pathways up to sidewalks.  By cheating and parking a bit of the truck in a walkway next to a parking space, I can get it in. I hang my handicapped placard up, and hope they just think I’m dumb or injured and don’t tow me.

I tried the next AARP magazine test for Alzheimer’s this afternoon.  Can you smell peanut butter through the left side of your nose?  I could on the right, but I couldn’t smell a thing on the left.  George could smell the peanut butter through both sides of his nose.  Then again, except for the really wiggly lines in the drawings, I did well on the SAGE test.  I must admit that doing poorly on those tests scares me, but I will put it all away until we get back from our trip.

  • Himself:  He sat on his computer with two browsers open for over three hours and wasn’t’ able to get a Comic Con ticket for Thursday.  All sold out, darn it.  So he has 4 days , and I will go for three days.  Then we rushed up to AAA and picked up our travel documents from our travel lady Cindy.  A fast lunch, and he was off to work to work and play with a granddaughter and friend at play.  No pictures.

  • Herself:  I traipsed around the city with him, then had a ball reading.

  • Reading:  Finished the second book in the Maggie Hope series.  Picked up a book on the history of battleships, on the history of the Oklahoma, and four of the six Hornblower’s.  I got rid of my two sets very regretfully because the mold from the big house won.

  • Balance:  Checking work for new furniture, and picking up yogurt for my breakfasts this week.


    1. I learn things from crosswords. You are a "deltiologist" -- one who collects or studies postcards.

    2. Your mall has been discovered. Mixed blessing? You sound cheerier, yea!

    3. You sound busy and happy. I finished entering the last bit of information on my family tree on, and now I will stop for a while. I got back to 1500 but grew depressed thinking about all those dead people. I don't like going back into the past. Too painful. I pray they are in a better place.

    4. There will be one more Comic Con badge sale. May the Force be with us!

    5. I am in awe of all you do and do it well. Deadlines and or a requirement for speed overwhelms and sort of shuts me down post-stroke. Wishing you all good with the new FB requirements.

      Hubby tries to avoid the handicap parking except in unusual circumstances. Then we too hang the placard. Hubby calls it "Playing the stroky card."

    6. I really don't see the point of Alzheimer tests.
      Not until there is anything approaching a cure.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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