March 1, 2014

Travels with George

One of the last stops on this next cruise.

The second cruise we took was on Carnival down to Mexico.  When I saw that tiny, perfect beach in the rocks off Cabo San Lucas, I wanted to go there.  This time, at the end of this month, I will.

As I have told you before, while working for Cutler-Hammer, my grandfather designed the controls for the Panama Canal locks.  He went down to help install them, and once again he took his family down when the locks opened.  Mother would have been twelve and her brother fourteen.  They must have been so very excited. 
The Panama Canal: Used under the creative commons license 4.0, unported.

We leave Fort Lauderdale next month and journey to Aruba and Cartagena before we go through the canal.  I don’t have plans yet for Aruba, but in Cartagena there’s a city wide bus tour that seems really good.  At the Canal, we can be tender you to shore where you can catch a small boat that will take you through the canal and back.  The thought of this close look mesmerizes me.                                                                

Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cabo, and then to LA.  We will stop an hour and have lunch with Bobbie…catch up on the news, then home via Budget Rent A Car.  I can’t tell you how excited I am once I get over the “what am I going to wear to South America” stuff.  Yes, I am laughing at myself.

Enlarging the Panama Canal: Used under the creative commons license 4.0, unported.

  • Himself:  Covering someone on vacation at work then to the Muscle Car show opening at his museum.  We had tons of fun.
  • Herself:  Work wasn’t at all busy as the rain kept the donations away.  Had a ball at the opening when I recovered from my gaffe of asking a collectible car owner if it still ran.  Whoops?
  • Reading:  ”K.”

  • Balance:  Hearing from an old friend named Monica.

    1. You have confused me. If you are visiting Aruba before the canal, you point of departure must be Miami? BTW my granddad was theengineerfor the first TVA dam in Norris TN ( now a museum).

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    3. What a wonderful adventure! I know you will put together the perfect wardrobe to dazzle George and all of South America! Just wear clothes that make you feel good. My traveling clothes have to fit in one small suitcase because I refuse to lug things around. A few basic pieces, several scarves and shawls, and a bit of jewelry. Light jacket. Walking shoes, sandals, fancy shoes. One pair each. Bathing suit, coverup, sleepwear, and too much underwear. Even with this compact plan, I always seem to pack more than I need. And I always tell myself I can buy anything I need. Rarely do I need.

    4. Lonely Rivers has a good packing plan. Aruba is a desert island and only interesting if you can get out and about or you can snorkle. There is a little restaurant called Two Fools and Bull which is a fairly good meal and an interesting experience, but you have to make reservations in can do it from your email as we did. Driving to the other side of the island gives an appreciation for what windward means. There is also an aloe factory which is a tourist thing, but has some nice products that I enjoyed at home.

    5. Sounds like a spectacular experience. One month of anticipation ahead!

    6. I've been to Aruba, but none of the other places you mentioned. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Nice that you can be proud of the family history that will be part of it.
      I kind of hope you'll have a minute to post some photos while you're traveling, but certainly understandable if you don't.

    7. Oh what a great trip that will be.

    8. I know exactly what you mean about trying to figure out what to bring on trips. I just bought a nylon Columbia travel shirt because I want to be able to use mosquito repellent. You can't use mosquito repellent on synthetics except nylon. It's also got spf protection.

      I agonize over my trip supplies before every single trip we take.

    9. Oh dear... I went off on a tangent. I just wanted to say that's so fantastic that your grandfather designed the controls for the locks. That's wonderful!

    10. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Sitting here, watching the snow, I'm jealous.

    11. I am so looking forward to this cruise. This is going to be fun.


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