March 7, 2014

Travels with Grumpy

The Geezer with Grumpy.

I tried a new hairdresser yesterday.  Once long ago, I had a great hair person, but he vanished.  He probably took his trumpet to Europe.  For the past year, I let my hair go to the lowest possible denominator.  Yesterday I drove over to a “good” salon and got it cut.  Off.

Then when I told her that it was three weeks until we left, she shortened it still more.  My hair is perkey now.  Full of Product too.  I can use that stuff only less, I would think.  Dinner was squash and salad then we were off to Costco.

Life was normal until then.  We got the bread we needed.  We found the hamburger patties we needed but not the hand sanitizer.  Then George saw the toilet.  Yes…toilet.  And we do need one.  The downstairs toilet has been leaking.  Our plumber told us that it had to go.  He gave us an estimate of 600 bucks.  That’s a lot.  Now here was a toilet for 84.00 dollars.

It’s a good thing we took Grumpy to Costco, wasn’t it?

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Had a great time working his own job yesterday.
  • Herself:  Got many of my Lindbergh book jackets covered in plastic, bought a good copy of “Gift from the Sea” at the store.  Mine are pretty shabby.
  • Reading:  Finally finished the volume on the Secret Service.  It got better as it went along.
  • Balance:  Having fun at work.


    1. Love to see you with your haircut. $600 sounds excessive. I just cut mine too after over a year of no haircuts and a ponytail. You'll be ready to have a great time.

    2. Perky Pompadour Pictures, Please! Pronto.

    3. Yes, indeed! You must be flushed with excitement! ;)

      Now, does Grumpy know how to install it? If not, you need a different plumber. That quote is ridiculous.

    4. I look so much better with a good haircut...but there are no decent cutters in these here parts. I have tried four salons and not been impressed once. I had a terrific Iranian woman years ago and would give good money for someone who could cut that well again! Funny how we cut our hair the very best before we go on a trip with strangers.

    5. You are to funny, but I did get "happy" over the new toilets we installed a few years back. Looking at knee surgery, probably in early summer.

    6. Good thing you've it fixed. We had a situation once where the toilet leaked on the second floor and caused $10,000 in damage. Yes, it was mostly covered by insurance, but aggravating.

    7. Twitter ID= @Dianne26119289

    8. It was a while before I realised that Grumpy was not your husband:)


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