April 26, 2014

A full Circle Back Home

Today I begin to back up all the photos, all the logs of our trip, all the detritus of an 18 day voyage through the Panama Canal.  Once just as we got our final invoice aboard the ship, thanks for G’s putting everything in the cloud we were able to access it all.  No charge either thanks to the internet room manager.  We arrived home to find someone hacked our email, and now everything to access the internet is new. 

In many ways, it was a cyber vacation.  Now I get to save it all and relax with a riveting book.

  • Himself:  Moved directly back into work without a break to unwind.  Frankly, I feel sorry for him.
  • Herself:  I move through life with much more ease now.  All the walking was very good for me.  No arthritis symptoms anywhere in the heat.
  • Reading:  Five Days at Memorial is a powerful social commentary of disaster and politics.
  • Stuff:  We now have seven thrift stores within a mile area including the Discovery shop.  I want to go check out the two new ones.


    1. Home is where the heart is, along with a vase of tulips and a purring cat who worried while you were gone.

    2. Flowers and a book, good to be home, hope G. acclimates soon.

    3. Love the way you decorate corners. So do you or do you not have everything in the cloud? Do you back it up elsewhere as well?

    4. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I've discovered that warmth and exercise is just the job for easing arthritis. Long may our suppleness continue!

    5. So glad you had some fun times. Those are most important. Love the flowers. Sorry about the hack. Grrrrr........ My #1 Confederate Dunce may have gone too far. We must meet soon so you can hear the whole story!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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