April 18, 2014


April 5: Cartegena


We glided into Cartegena to dock, and after breakfast joined a tour that included their massive central fort Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the historic center of the walled city, a home filled with torture tools, the beaches, and back to the ship. 

I confess that I was so knocked out by the heat that I wrote nothing this day.  In the seventies, the kids and I had a virus.  For six months, we slept.  As a result of this bug, all three of us now have a severe heat sensitivity….which I had totally forgotten about until we got to Aruba. 

I had enough sense at the fort, to stay in the air-conditioned bus and will let Georges pictures speak for the stop. 

Old city center.

Monarch’s stern.

Back at the dock, we found the Pullman Tours “Monarch” tied up across the dock from us.  We had taken our first cruise aboard this ship when it was the “Monarch of the Seas.”  It was good to see the ship still in use in its new livery.


  1. I bet the Monarch's cabins are still the smallest afloat!

  2. That heat sensitivity is a bummer, and I hope the other cruise activities are pure enjoyment.

  3. That is and interesting reaction to a virus...almost like malaria that creates fevers years later. Aruba is hot!!

  4. Hope you are carrying water and if you can take aspirin, two in the am and a lot of water helps me a lot. Of course now, that much water means I have to visit all the potties in reach. ;-)

  5. That's future advice of course, what beautiful pictures.

  6. It's a shame about the heat sensitivity. That must be disappointing for you. There are some lovely photos of your stay though. Maybe your next holiday will be somewhere cold.

  7. There's nothing wrong with touring and experiencing cities from the inside of a nice, cool bus!

  8. These are great photos. The heat in Southeast Asia was horrendous also. These are great photos, Mage.

  9. Torture tools? Ugh!

    The fort reminds me of the ones I saw in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.


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