April 29, 2014

Early Pier Jumping

There is a tanker coming down in the lock behind that fire truck.

I had a vigorous day doing all my errands after the gym.  Perhaps not enough vigor because I woke before midnight, woke at oneish and woke again at 0430.  

Sirens and more sirens were what woke us both at 0430 as they passed by below us on Nimitz Boulevard.  I kept rotating the news stations this morning until I found out why such a fuss.

Two fools jumped off the pier.  It’s a long pier, the longest on the west coast.  One of these young drunken fools couldn’t swim.  After he jumped, he tried to hold on to a rope he tied to the rail of the pier.  I tried to find a recent photo of the pier to show you, but I obviously haven’t been to the beach. 

I’ll do that today.

  • Himself:  Working overtime.  His boss gave him seats for a Padre’s game.
  • Herself:  Apologized for my bumbled attempt at humor yesterday.  Will write that short piece on comediennes.
  • Reading:  Read a badly written Wood.  Potboiler.
  • Stuff:  I got so sucked in by my reseach that I spent way too much time here looking at pictures of ruined Borsch Belt resorts.
    Taken by G in 2010.


    1. Were they able to save him? You said, "tried to hold on". This doesn't sound good.

      Again, your header photo is magnificent!

    2. Also, I have some pics of the pier -- am going to look. :)

    3. The Borscht Belt you mention is the are in New York..right? You don't have one there in southern Cal, I am supposing.

    4. Scary, hope they didn't drown.

    5. They made it, http://www.cbs8.com/story/25376969/two-rescued-after-jumping-from-ob-pier fools indeed.

    6. What a couple of idiots! Sorry the noise of it all woke you in the middle of the night. Dinner or breakfast soon. Mia is getting anxious to see you.

    7. You and the Borsht resorts. I canT even spell it, but mom used to cook it. I think it involves beets.

    8. Where where did I indicate you were inebriated? Beets all I mentioned was beets. Hope your piece work. Yes, I appreciate comedy. David and I quote comics every day. Keeps us ticking even tho we take ourselves very seriously!

    9. Were the jumpers OK? Good grief!


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