April 24, 2014

Finding a Friend

A Nicaragua store on the way to Rivas and the giant lake

Before Cabo, we stopped for a day in Nicaragua.  After Cabo, we investigated the ship with our cameras taking almost two hundred some images of halls, rooms and carpets.  I’ll show you later.  We took a tour of the kitchen which was amazing, watched the Double Hull tie up, and get lost trying to find Bobbie in Long Beach


Tying her up to the ship.

And lastly after a long confused struggle with traffic in the middle of the Long Beach Grand Prix, we got together with Bobbie.

Yes, I got that shot.


  1. You take the most amazing photos, Mage!

  2. Was that last with a remote? I seldom use mine and probably should bring it along. I dated the son of Somoza-Sevilla in another life-time.

  3. What a grand trip! I cannot wait to see you!

  4. The two of you are so colorful, like Easter eggs. Oh that didn't come out the way I meant it!


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