April 28, 2014

Laughing into Middleclassness

Aruba tug through the mooring lines.

It all seems to new and fresh to have washing going around downstairs, to have dishes to do, groceries to shop for, the BBQ grills to wash again, and an essay to write.  After having the bed made of us, cooking done for us, and our days planned for fifteen days, doing things for ourselves seems almost revolutionary.

Dinner?  Four days of dinner?  Vegetarian chili with tossed green salad.  That’s two days.  Rather uninspired.  Steak…we cut one in half so that gives each of us a little meat….with garlic green beans and a caprese salad.   Wednesday dinner out, and veggie skewers over rice with melon for Thursdays.  Gee, that was easy.

I’ll feel downright middleclass today as I pick up the cleaning and the groceries. 

  • Himself:  Deep into estimates this morning saying “Terrible, terrible, terrible.”
  • Herself:  Once trained in the Borsch belt, where do comedians get their training now?
  • Reading:  Finished “Five Days at Memorial” and remain appalled.  One nurse/faculty member I swim with in the mornings now has her nurse/book club reading it this month.  There will be fifteen angry nurse administrators loose in the city.  I wonder if our hospitals have viable emergency plans in place?

  • Stuff:  Sun and comfortable warmth here at the beach until Thursday when it will be hot.

    1. I hate to burst your bubble , but poor people eat and wash clothes too. However,I think I know what you mean. The best part of a journey for me was coming home, where ever that was!

    2. Upper middle class do laundry and clean house and shop. Now, my daughter, on the other hand, does only the shopping and cooking!! But it is nice to know that you can do things for yourself and are not dependant upon others! Grilled hamburgers (unless it rains too hard) and French fries and coleslaw ...not exactly healthy eating tonight.

    3. I admire that you have things planned out so well.

    4. "Five Days at Memorial" is a powerful book. I wonder how ready our local hospitals are? Not much happens here but does that lull people into a false sense of security? Sun at the beach sounds good.

    5. It really is nice to be on trips and have everything done for you. Luckily we have mom living with us who took care of us when we returned from our tour. She did our laundry too. :- )


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