May 22, 2014

A Blue Living Room

Blue living room.

Breathing better at last.  Still coughing tho.  Back in the pool; gently.  Back at work shuffling books yesterday.  Gently.  I worked steadily but not hard pricing and boxing cookbooks for the big kitchen sale.  Six boxes so far.  You know me…I love cookbooks.

Ever since I started feeling as if a million pounds were sitting on my chest, George started mentioning changing the living room from blue accessories to red ones.  Then he came down with it.  As I got better and had more energy, I got inspired to find the blue pillow covers.  A couple of days ago I pulled some of the blue stuff out.  Not the pillow covers tho.  I couldn’t find them. 

G had no energy either, and I couldn’t pull the big ladder up the stairs by myself.  Day before yesterday, he could.  He announced they weren’t hidden in our attic.  Yesterday he was willing to look again, and sure enough they were there.  Hidden.  Among the décor for Christmas not spring.  By afternoon, I had all but the art changed around.

It looks as if I am going to have to pull the car and truck out to find art in the racks.  Blue art.  Something different in the way of blue art too.  You may laugh, but it does no good to own hundreds of pieces of art and not be able to hang and enjoy them. 

Maybe I will wait till G can help.  Cough….cough.

  • Himself:  Errors earlier in the week.  Doing better now.
  • Herself:  Still reading Hillermans.  Lent “Delicious” to some of the pool ladies.  They are loving it.  It’s a delightful, light balance to “Five days at Memorial” which I lent to a nurse at work.  I continue having great difficulties getting into the Ex-pat volume.
  • Balance:  …would be not coughing.


  1. Very pretty and welcoming room.

  2. Aunt Marge loved Hillarman. Read all his books. I understand his daughter continued the series after he died.

    Re tribal names. They seem to change . I think Connie was reading a road sign. Tell me if Ute is now considered a slur and I will pass the information a long.

    Is George an Ute? Or whatever your wrote, which I have already forgotten.

  3. I hope your cough goes away for good. No fun coughing.
    That blue and white room is beautiful. Yes, put up more art. I love art.

  4. But is it Kosher to use the name Utes for the tribe?

  5. I don't envy you your cough... or the fatigue that comes with it. Do take it easy and rest now and then.
    Hugs, T

  6. I just don't know how you keep all that white white. Very beautiful. Serene.

  7. I love your blue room, Mage. I wish I were there to make you some chicken soup. Feel better soon please.

  8. He actually has an idea of where things are? I have no clue about this place. Sue has a system all in her head. We call her 'Womb Tracker.'

  9. Meant to say yesterday, I like your header.

  10. You inspire me to try to think of seasonal decorating. I could do that...have the storage...have a little bit of art here and there...but do not seem to find the time.

  11. I love the blue. I have it in my bathroom and - about to be re-decorated - I'm not going to change it.


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