May 16, 2014

A Graduation

Friday:  A busy but happy day is planned.  I’ll swim…the water helps my ugly smoke caugh, work until one, then at three G and I are driving out to State, SDSU.  Our eldest Granddaughter is graduating from the same college I did.  The ceremony is indoors in air conditioned comfort.  I can’t tell you how proud of her we are.

A selfie from Megan, 2014.

  • Himself:  At work at 0600 so he can go to a doctor’s office at two.  Helped make a salad dinner, and a quiet evening.

  • Herself:  Spending the day quietly.  Friday, excited about the graduation.

  • Reading:  The new Ruth Reichl.  Enjoyed “Delicious.”  Almost enjoyed the new one.

  • Balance:  Breathing.


    1. Enjoy your granddaughter's graduation. My eldest will be graduating from nursery school this year. You are way ahead of me!

    2. Congratulations to your grandgirl. Exciting times.

    3. Beautiful girl. Congratulations to her.lucky you with air condoned comfort. I am taking Singulair for allergies.

    4. I agree with the person above me - Granddaughter is beautiful.

      Has she decided what occupation she'll pursue?

      EnJoy the graduation.

    5. She does look like a 'killer' of a lady. I predict CEO or Director or some such before she turns gray. Isn't it wonderful to think we are part of that terrific gene pool!

    6. A proud time indeed. She's lovely.

    7. Megan is a beauty and I bets she's smart as can be!


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