May 20, 2014


Rock and cactus garden in Aruba.

We have a cold.  A light cold, but still a cold. 

Before I became proactive, my vision was unprintable, and my cough was truly an ugly thing.  I couldn’t even read.  The Great Geezer has gone to work each day.  At least he hasn’t gone to sleep at his computer.  I have.  He’s weak, shaky, and grumpy.  Poor guy.  I was that way last week.

This month I will take a token for a lot of years clean and sober.  Daughter Margot is baking me a cake.  I may be prickly like that Aruban cactus with my common cold, but I am also blooming.

  • Himself:  Work, nap, work, vegetate, sleep.

  • Herself:  Sit, read Hillerman’s, sit, nap, sleep.  I will go to work tomorrow for three hours.

  • Reading:  Working my way through the Hillerman’s again.  Wonderful reading when you are sick.

  • Balance:  Reading.

    1. Get well soon, we have the crud here too, cancelled the family dinner tonight so many are coughing and limp. Hugs to you and G both, congrats on your token.

    2. Sending you a hug of congratulations from over here in Serra Mesa. Waving too!

    3. Congratulations. Connie just got her year 31chip, from David who is celebrating 33. Granddaughter R is at 2 years . Wonderful fellowship!

      Richard will probably drive me over to see you 10/31. W is "busy".... Next trip, I think I will go to Aruba. Love the garden.

    4. Enjoy your cake as you celebrate a great life accomplishment. And I send thoughts and a prayer that the cold symptoms are banished speedily for you both.

    5. I like the cute little cactus living among the powerful rocks.

      Sorry about the cold sweeping through your home. Enjoy the book and take care.

      Enjoy your clean and sober celebration, too. :)

    6. The week of Snot has hit Seattle as well. Congratulations on another day, another year!

    7. What a lovely thing for Margot to do for you. Congratulations.

    8. The week of Snot has hit Seattle as well. Congratulations on another day, another year!

    9. You both seem to be nurturing too many germs. Maybe some vitamin C and more water is something to consider. I am sorry that you cannot fully celebrate your milestone, but maybe you can set aside an evening when you feel better and go out and do something special.

    10. Oh dear... I'm so sorry you're feeling so sick, Mage. That's lousy. Congratulations on your sobriety! That's wonderful!

      I'm amazed that cactus appears to be growing straight out of the rock. Hmmmm.... the meaning being that even with a hard life, beauty and happiness can bloom, yes?

    11. Sweet congratulations to you... I thank you for your years of sobriety. I don't know that we would have met had you not taken that first step to sobriety and continued with it all these years. Blessings to you! With love,

    12. I say bloom on even though our blooms might not be quite once they once were.

      Congratulations on overcoming.

    13. That little cactus in the middle of the rocks is the pure definition of hope.

      As in, I really hope you and the Geezer feel better soon.

    14. Get well soon. I came back from the cruise with my first cough/cold for years.


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