May 29, 2014

Getting It Done

A blue living room.

At last, two nights of good sleep.  Little coughing.  The great G rearranged the TV and it’s electronics so the bed can go up to the window again.  I added two Tylenol to my Nyquil regimen, and feel quite human at last.  Waking up every hour on the hour coughing is not the way I like to live.

At work, we prepare for a kitchen sale June 6, 7, and 8.  My part is pricing cookbooks.  There’s been an enthusiastic response asking for kitchen things and cookbooks.  So far I’ve priced more than eight of those big plastic bins filled with cookbooks.  Never have I seen so many good cookbooks in one place.  G and I donated two Sunbeam Mixmaster’s.  One is turquoise from the 1950’s with rocket fins and clear bowls.  The other is a 1932 gem that’s battered looking but runs like a champ.

Here at home, the living room is blue once again.  I love the end result, but changing the colors and art seemed time consuming this year.

Lastly, all along I have been working on a photo book  of our trip through Panama.  Two years ago, I stopped building albums myself.  I let Snapfish do the construction for me.  I photoshop the pictures, then after making the choice of images, I add text.  Of course this is a long relearning process each time for me of the fuzzy brain.  The end result is a far better product than I would produce with glue and pen, yet it is us in all our foibles.

Today I finish choosing the pictures and begin creating the actual book. 

  • Himself:  He’s lost all the weight he gained on the trip, and is happily playing with his wrecks eight hours a day.
  • Herself:  Lost a bit of weight at last.  Talking about traveling to the beaches of Normandy through to the WWII Berlin sites in two years.
  • Reading:  Finished “Dance Hall of the Dead” and moved on to “Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days.”
  • Balance:  Reading.


    1. A very welcoming and comfy looking room. Keep getting well-er!

    2. Ooooo... the kitchen sale. Though I am fast becoming an armchair cook, I love everything about preparing and presenting food! It would be very challenging for me to productively sort and price cookbooks! My current healthy favorite: The Jerusalem Cookbook.
      Love the blue living room.

    3. I love how you change out your room. So clever and creative.

    4. I used to like cookbooks, but they are expensive. Much better to acquire recipes online.

    5. If you ever come across a good condition copy of the hardcover Betty Crocker Cookbook with the "pie" cover

      Please Let Me Know - Mom wants a better copy and we've been looking for a good one for years.

      NOT the 3 ring binder version.

    6. Me I'm traveling to SD in October. Looking forward to the visit with you and yours Oct. 31. Will remind you closer to the date. Thinking my next trip will be to Europe again, but don't know where or even when. We studied the German architecture in one of my history classes. Read the Ghosts of Berlin for that class. Would love to spend time in Normandy. Only seen it from planes and trains encounter elsewhere. Alas the world is too big.

      Saw the swallows at SJC a while back. I recall the mission had been wrecked by an earthquake.

      Re your gma's book. I bought it and gave it to Connie along with two other books about the missions. They are enjoying their trip.

    7. I "may" change my photo of the river (fallish) on the wall and put up something summery. I was going to do spring, but spring got away from me! I really should do those books like your do instead of just putting them up in the cloud!! I am not going to volunteer much anymore...she says naively.

    8. Robert and I watched Michael Palin's rail adventure in the U.K. video the other night. When we got to the end we realized we'd seen it before ... ah well, it showed trains and the lush green countryside of the U.K. and Wales, so it was time well spent.

    9. rest well, dear Mage! I'm moving, so I have to simplify, too, but I can't let books go...! I'll keep trying. Would love to see your Panama photos! xoxo c!

    10. Your room looks comfy and inviting.

    11. I'm sure creating the book will bring you joy.
      I do hope the cough eases up soon. Does it help to sleep propped up with pillows? Take care.


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