May 3, 2014

Dance of the Days

More pictures from the canal zone.  Here the Island Princess follows the MSC into the Miraflores Locks.  Here’s a link to the web cam, but it’s burping a bit this morning:>Miraflores Lock Cam

Weather: The hot days have cooled slightly.  Both of us spent Friday in Air Conditioned comfort.  Never before have we been this comfortable at home.  The high school above us has a giant sign that not only tells us what’s happening on the campus but tells us the temperature.  Wednesday through Friday it told me life was in the high 90’s F.  (32 to 38C).  I was grateful that our meeting by the bay was in the low 80’s by the time we got there.  I hope it stays in the low 80’s today and even cooler tomorrow when we go see the Padre’s play at Petco Park.

Shoes:  I had not realized that I needed new sandals until the last two weeks.  My brown, red, and long gone black Bjorn’s have no cush left.  I almost fell several times last night getting into the shoe store with my foot going one way and my shoe the other.  Replacements are vaguely American indianish brown and a terra cottaish red.  They fit, they are comfortable, and I shan’t die crossing a street.  They are not my favorite Bjorn’s tho.  They don’t make them anymore.

Food:  I lost a pound and he gained three.  I was sick and he wasn’t.  I’ve spent the whole week making repeated trips to the head and dragging myself through my days.  I thought it was only me and my IBS….but many from the shop have been ill too.  Vastly better by Thursday and knew I would live by Friday.

Time:  The older you get, the faster time goes by.  I swear.  The more I seem to forget things too.  Showed up at the pool with two colored sandals early in the week.  Showed up yesterday with my shirt on backwards. 

Life:  Margot is doing well.  I hear nothing from Laka but follow her on Facebook.  G woke this morning filled with jokes.  He’s relieved from the pressure of overtime and that awful growing work queue.  The lovely lady who helped me with the books found her life to busy to continue.  I pressure myself because the books don’t get done when I’m doing other stuff.  This afternoon, he’s off to work at the museum, and I am cleaning out my shoes.  I’m the owner of an awful lot of worn our shoes that need to go to the homeless. 

  • Himself:  Feeling much lighter.

  • Herself:  Looking forward to an afternoon of discarding shoes.

  • Reading:  Back to the expatriate artists in Paris.

  • Balance:  Really glad to be alive.


    1. We have had an exceptionally cool spring here but it looks like that is over with high's today and one day forecast for 79. That will probably our last below 80 high and the lows are soon going to be above 70. if the humidity stays low that is not too bad, but along the northern Gulf of Mexico low humidity is rare.

      Oh I must add another change of mine in addition to your list. i am obsessed with weather reports, checking the weather channel several times a day. My mother and mother-in-law were too. Unlike them, i share at length. Oh my.

    2. Glad you are feeling better and got new shoes, please don't fall!

      Time, at age 20, 20 years seemd a lifetime for me, now at 72 I perceive as passing quickly and it makes me feel pressed to get a move on, especially since 20 years more is about as much as I can expect.

    3. I wish I could help you with the books. I must have caught this Celiac from you. New shoes. I need some too. My favorite is Birkenstocks. Also Mephistopheles, but the are pricey Mephistopheles ... You know what I mean. I wish apple would stop fixing my type.

    4. I'm wishing you a cooler day too. I'm glad you're doing better and have better shoes now too. I did buy a pair of Bjorns from Nordstrum's Rack a couple of years ago and they're pretty comfortable.

    5. I need to find more comfortable shoes besides my New Balance sneakers. Hope you continue to enjoy the A/C....hasn't been warm enough to even have the windows open most days around here.

    6. Oh, I say -- I made this very comment to Robert just the other day. It was like, 'What's for breakfast?' and the next thing I knew, the sun was going down. I totally skipped May 1st! Gads... LOL

    7. Still cool spring here. Loving that. Ate out on our deck and I had to go back in and get a sweater. One of my tennis shoes is starting to split, so maybe I need new shoes as well.

    8. Yes, time does indeed fly as we get older.

      Good to be filled with jokes -- my kind of man.

      Your wearing mixed shoes and your shirt on backwards reminds me of the time when I was sitting on the lifeguard stand watching a good friend enter the pool area and start to take off her cover-up. Unfortunately, she didn't realize she hadn't put her bathing suit top on and was still in her bra. I stopped her just in time (this was in the mid-60s afterall) but not until I almost fell off the stand laughing... :)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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