May 8, 2014

Not Bad at All

Through the window: Point Loma from the air.  We live up near the top a mile near the river entrance.  Photo Copyright: RGB, 2014

Tuesday:  I swam, finished the Borscht Belt piece, planned the meals and shopped too.  Dinner was to be Pho.  Much to my dismay not only did I ruin Duck’s good cast iron pan but the Pho was a disaster.  The rice noodles fragmented, and despite my surety that I removed all the spices, G is still removing Anise stars from his soup.  I am not a talented cook…tho I once was.  After dinner, we enthusiastically watched both NCIS’s.  Bed.  Slept terribly.

Wednesday:  No gym as I left for a meeting at work an hour early.  Remembered to pick up a very fragile Gloria.  Learned a couple of new things about sorting such as making a note on the receipt if it was a particularly nice donation.  We send thank you notes.  Actually got all the books that had been out for three months bagged for Father Joe’s.  I got the ragged looking bookshelves tidied.  Even tho most of the bottom shelves were now empty, they sure did look better.  Home to WW where G officially lost 2.8 pounds and I gained .4.  Ah, M&M’s at the movies.

Thursday:  (An aside:  I really miss many of my old, Open Diary friends.  They migrated to Prosebox…or here, or Wordpress, or, or…and now they are on the move again.  One of the Open Diary diarists began another site, “Easy Diary.”  They are trying to recreate the family they had on OD.  Sites like this are called “hive sites.”  Those that live there rarely leave their service provider.  Only one of my old friends comes to find me here on Blogger.  Just one.)  Swim, and I stayed late to stay out of Marta’s way.  Home to breakfast and a walk to the hair stylist.  This is officially the longest I have walked since the new hip.  Hair going every-which-way.  I like that.  Now off to a pro-active solution with who ever is shelving the books wrong.  Politely of course.

  • Himself:  Working only eight hours today.

  • Herself:  Roasting a bit of pork with a Honey Mustard glaze.

  • Reading:  Back to the Expat artists in Paris after a break with the new Ruth Reichl: “Delicious” which was delightful.

  • Stuff:  Life is pretty darned good, isn’t it?


    1. Well, I have gained 2 pounds after tons and tons of physical activity, but not as good about my diet as I should be. Oh well. It is not like studying for a test, I guess?

    2. Seems you have recovered from your trip. Enjoy what the day brings. Aloha from Hawaii.

    3. Sign your old friends from Open Diary onto following you by email. I think they have to accept it but at least they'll be prompted and if they do accept, they'll be following you here.. or at least in email and will know how to click over and leave a comment if they so desire.

    4. Katren...In ConclusionMay 9, 2014 at 10:11 AM

      I find it hard to leave a comment here. Any advice?

    5. Diary changes are never easy. I started on Diaryland of all places. The people were great but the site was horrendous.

    6. Our next trip to AZ will be at the end of October/first of November. I'll put you at the top of the list and we'll set a date for lunch (or breakfast at Perry's!) Hugs to you both...

    7. I a missing in action in many ways. Happy Mom's Day to you. Hugs.


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