May 18, 2014


Detail work on a jacket at the Mingei Museum Shop.

Once a year I roll open my closet doors and stare at the contents in dismay.  Styles change, and I make a feeble effort to keep a few outfits that look current.  Usually I just turn my away in ditherment.

There are several magazines that offer encouragement, and there are a couple of online pages that encourage us to be different.  Different used to be me.  Now days, as time shrinks, my goal is to be mediocre.  I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes, and there isn’t much imaginative wear for those of us who are of larger size and shop thrift stores. 

Tunics are in.  I shan’t mention what a tunic does to one with the hip width I own.  Cropped shirts are in again too.  Do you all really want to see my pot gut and antique surgical scars?  I didn’t think so.  Black was always in for the older, large woman, but now even my friend Bobbie is wearing screaming pink.  Jackets were out but seem to be in again.  I dither indeed.

Both George and I are to read before a couple of hundred drunks tonight.  I donated vast amounts of oversized pants to the Discovery Shop lately, but I still have the basic black and navy blue dress pants.  I haven’t donated any shirts at all however out of style they are.  I own four jackets, two pair of dress shoes, and a vast collection of outrageous, folk styled jewelry.  Hutzpah will carry my day. 

This week, the best dressed person I know wore black and red.  It took a lot of hard work on her part to be allowed to wear that outfit.  Bravo Megan.

Megan in her graduation gown charmed us all.

Megan with her mom Ellen and her Dad Gary.


  1. Congratulations to Megan and her proud parents! My wardrobe is pretty much tank tops, t-shirt type blouses, shorts and capris. That's island wear for you. I do need to go shopping for some nicer clothes for parties, but I hate shopping.

  2. I went through my clothes when I retired. Every year I try to find things that I can wear. I am starting to be like a teenager when I get ready to go out. There are a dozen items on the bed before I feel well-dressed (which does NOT mean fancy-dressed.) Your granddaughter looks so lovely and she shows smart in her eyes. What does the red mean?

  3. Self deprecation (to a reasonable extent) is the best kind of humor. Even a young model can make me laugh when pointing out supposed flaws.

    Thanks for the laugh...

    And for sharing your Megan with us; her joy is an inspiration.

  4. Congrats to Megan and best wishes in her next steps out into her life.

    Good for you stepping up to your closet, and congrats lovely to have given away those oversized pants, that's a milepost of another kind.

  5. Gotta love that word, ditherment. Ain't English wonderful? Congrats to Megan on her hard-won outfit.

  6. The right jacket can make an outfit. At business school, where we dressed very conservatively, we were prompted to add a jacket to a dress. In a less formal office, I wore longish shorts with a matching jacket. (About halfway through our day, the supervisor realized I was wearing shorts!)

    Jackets for me are never fitted, but "straight-backed." I get rid of other clothes, but hold onto my jackets. One of my favorites is denim; it really dresses up the jeans.

  7. Congratulations to Megan and her parents. I was trying to figure out which parent was your child and decided they must be George's children, perhaps the mother?

    Re clothes. I an one size smaller in pants and bought new stretchy jeans. Not as classy as a pants suit perhaps, but pant suits don't suit women to well. I wore jackets and skirts for ages,. Gave most away, but kept a few pairs of slacks and a jacket or two. Someday..someday!

  8. Such a great photo! And poo on current fashion. You always look like a million dollars!

  9. Got my tickets for SD...Oct 28 to Nov2. May have to ask you for a lift. W gone all controlish freaky. Told her I would be with you Friday. From noon till mid afternoon. She would have liked to have planned the trip for me, but I am not senile yet.

  10. Your granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to the whole family on this accomplishment.

    Clothing. Oh, yes, we must wear something, but what? I have gotten more and more casual as the years have passed. We were invited to a formal affair for last Thursday evening. I really had one thing to wear, and since I don't do evenings very well, I decided to stay home. Terry had to go as he was photographing the event, but a dark suit always looks formal enough on a man.


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