May 25, 2014

Part One: Through the Flags

Looking toward the sea.

We took a few moments on Saturday to walk through the massed flags up at Point Loma.  The Boy Scouts that place the flags were just leaving.  The wind was brisk, and the sky was grey.  We parked our truck outside so those who really needed to park near a grave could do so.  We stopped a moment near George’s parents’ marker.  Near Dale’s grave was an older man sitting on the sidewalk.  He would touch his lips with his fingers then touch the grave.

I looked closer at the gravestones this day because of his gestures….after I wiped the Dale tears out of my eyes.

Thanks mom, says the little sticker.

Norman is a family name, and one grandmother was a Harrington.
I was surprised to see that Dales granite is biodegrading.

Visiting his mom and dad.


  1. My Papa Ken is buried in Trail OR and I have to find out if they know he's a vet and put a flag on his grave Memorial Day. Kay

  2. They are emotional places but I think the sadness is worth the feeling that you are at least ping respects and in lots of cases renewing your love for the lost one.

  3. Too sad. To visit our family members, David and I will have to move back to NC.maybe we will someday.

  4. Beautiful photos of remembrance. We owe so much to our vets and servicemen who gave their lives for our country.


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