May 24, 2014

Two Minutes

Visiting Dale, 2014.

The first AIDS Quilt panel I made for Dale. 

Today, Saturday, G and I are doing things like haircuts, visiting Dale, and puttering.  Dale was at the core of the extended family which kept me alive throughout the bad years.  This Sunday evening I have two minutes to stand up and celebrate my years of sobriety before 200 some folks.  I’ll mention him.

I’ve heard folks who have been sober a lot of years say just one thing, “Just don’t drink.”  That’s a great idea, but how do you do that when you are new and pulled head first into alcohol.  I’ve heard a lot of important things while I’ve been in the program, but learning not to “think” is one of the most important.  I get in such trouble when I think.

Next Friday, Daughter Margot is going to give me a cake, and dear G a token.  I’ll try to keep that speech to two minutes also.

  • Himself:  Was relieved that we have a three day weekend.
  • Herself:  Found two really thin fabric, white T-shirts at JCPennays.  I stain white shirts fast, but thin fabric doesn’t make it.  It gets fuzzy.  Still coughing.
  • Reading:  The first of the Hillerman Jim Chee’s. 
  • Balance:  Not Thinking or Drinking.  Tomorrow is the actual birthday: You can’t celebrate early.


    1. Dare I say congratulations? Another milestone, another feather on your hat. Good for you! Girls safely ensconced in San Diego. Spent the day resting?

    2. I get my turn in October.

    3. The two minutes are just enough time to say "Thank You".

    4. Congratulations on your 'birthday'. I can't imagine that I would have had the fortitude to 'dry out' if I had ever gotten myself into alcoholism.

    5. I don't have a cake or a token, but I have enormous hugs for each of you!

    6. You should be proud. I am.

    7. Amazing the strength it takes to kill an addiction. Congratulations to you each and every day.

    8. I'm so proud for you too, Mage. This is a beautiful remembrance.


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