May 5, 2014

Weekend Closet Cleaning

In Cartagena.  Taking your hotel with  you.

  • Saturday afternoon and evening:  Yes, I backed up the last bits of May’s journals and photos.  Yes, I got rid of all my worn our shoes.  Boy there were a lot.  I found my boring Black Bjorn’s tho, and that made the moment.  Began discarding jewelry and discovered the primary problem was disorganization.  Heartening.  I didn’t have to get rid of it all.

After leftover chili over couscous, because I dropped the glass rice jar and there was shattered glass and rice all over the kitchen, we looked up movies.  “The Lunchbox” was the only film that offered promise with a smile.  Off we went early to the Landmark theaters in La Jolla.  Early.  So we had time to shop and I got a stripy jacket. 

The film was marvelous.  Beautiful.  Tremendously well filmed.  Yes, there were subtitles, but we barely noticed them.  Marvelously well acted.  The ending was…..

  • Sunday:  Oh, a deliciously late start with CBS Sunday Morning.  Blogging.  Writing on my comedy piece.  Discarding more jewelry.  It was so much cooler this day that it was a pleasure to live.

  • Afternoon at 1600:  Cleaning up the wreckage of my present hasn’t been a pleasure, but tho endless it is a good thing.  Last week pants.  This weekend shoes.  One whole bag of them to go to Father Joe.  (He’s the official head of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores.  Anything we cannot use at the Discovery Shop goes to them.  My shoes are too worn out to go to the Cancer society.)  The jewelry box got sorted through too.  If I don’t wear something, I don’t need to own it.  Nothing really good went out, but bad choices from the thrift store are now bagged to go.  I did find a second pair of Bjorn’s in brown this afternoon.  My foot choices expandeth.

    George was the hero of the day.  He made dividers for the jewelry box drawers.  Custom….useful at last.  How did I know what was in there?  Now I do.  Found two lovely necklaces I’d forgotten I owned.  Great speaker at the meeting.

  • Monday morning:  Swim, breakfast, and continue closet cleaning.  I feel rather heroic getting rid of all these nice things, but if I don’t use something it’s time to recycle it.

    1. Good for you. I just got rid my worn and not worn shoes. Working on pants this week.

    2. So smart to divide up what you need to do. As soon as I'm done with the planting, maybe I'll attack my shoes.

      And I love it when the hotel travels with us!

      Gorgeous day here -- still a bit chilly - 60s, but lovely. I bet the roses in Balboa Park are gorgeous!

    3. He made dividers for you jewelry drawer? Do you know what a gem he is?

    4. You have been really, really busy. Congratulations on getting so much done. I should get myself up and do some house cleaning, but can't seem to find the motivation. Sigh...

    5. I absolutely agree. We have hauled tons of stuff to various places. Jewelry? Gave most of men away ages ago. Other than earrings, I seldom wear it anyway.

    6. That's me above, having difficulties this am.


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