June 2, 2014

A Waiting Weekend

Taking a trip to the car wash.

A weekend of waiting, calling, doing things then calling again.

We worked the Fresh Air Friday meeting BBQ.  Every week we pass the hat so once a month we can offer a BBQ.  Last year the owner of the BBQ itself left, and G decided the meeting needed to own its own grill.  This year we will keep it in the garage between feasts.  G shops for the meat, cheese, buns, condiments, and hot dogs from the meeting funds.  I bring lettuce, tomatoe, and sliced red onion. 

Saturday morning we cleaned the grill at our local car wash and called.

Sunday, after calling, we saw “Maleficent.”  Lots of fun.

More calls.  Back east, it appears the mother-in-law has arrived and taken charge.  Our family is moving to a motel.  Out here, Beth got five years’ probation and an appallingly big fine.  No court ordered AA.  We were disappointed about that.

Life returns to normal here.  G works and I clean up after myself. 

  • Himself:  Not filling in for vacationers but doing his own queue today.
  • Herself:  Had a terrible struggle to layout the trip photo album.  Eventually I caught on that I could drag and drop photos or increase the number despite the automatic  creation of the album.
  • Reading:  Finishing the “Michael Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days.”
  • Balance:  Picking up after myself.

    1. Reading Paula by Isabelle Allende and am at the place in the story where she meets her second husband who comes with all sorts of young children that will require worrying about in the years to come.

    2. Condolences. Our AA grandchild asked her boss for a promotion today. Should get it. She and BF talking about buying their own home. Live in parents basement at present, but they are sober.

      Wish the court had sentenced Carl to jail, he might be alive today. Anyone who thinks we need to have weaker penalties for public intoxication don't know what they are talking about.

    3. I would love a grill like that and I'm looking forward to seeing Maleficent. It does sound like fun.

      I sympathize about the photo album. We did finally finish ours and it's a load off our mind. We're really glad we did the Costco photobook because it takes up so much less space.

      Sorry to hear about Beth. That is a worry.


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