June 12, 2014

Always Changes

Seedys, in her work costume, and with her truck in 2009.

I need to be able to get up from the floor easily.  That’s something I cannot do now. So I scheduled an appointment with a trainer.  After an hour of activity that resulted in new agonies later, I have exercises.  Lots of exercises. 

I need several things in life other than getting up from the floor.  I want some peaceful time alone reading.  Silent, calm time.  I need to write in my journal regularly.  I also need to move and exercise five days a week.  I don’t think these things are mutually exclusive.

Perhaps on Wednesdays and Fridays, I will get up earlier.  There won’t always be time to write on those days either.   Maybe I will just post pictures on those busiest of days.  Sometimes, life is all changes all the time.  I’m smiling at myself about this…not taking myself at all seriously.

  • Himself:  He continues his nightly battle with the many parrots outside our windows.  He plays hawk sounds; they leave.  The neighborhood crow family has taken umbrage to these efforts, and one sits directly outside his window once the crows are gone.  It talks to G.  G talks to the crow.  He also put a new picture up on his blog.
  • Herself:  Despite a cream puff and half a fudge bar at the fair, I lost two pounds this week.
  • Reading:  Still Hillerman.
  • Friends:  I worry about my friend Seedys.  Last week her husband was diagnosed with pneumonia, this week they say it is lung cancer in both lungs.  Please keep her in your thoughts.   They are weighing alternatives now, but truly appreciate all notes, thoughts and prayers.  She can read them here.
  • Balance:  A little skewed like my books were yesterday.  Tomorrow will be better.


    1. Sending thoughts of peace and wisdom to your friend Seedy. So sorry for this journey for both of them. Glad your weight issues are balanced and I am sure it is the exercise. I think I have lost weight, never weigh myself anymore, as I have been doing much walking in the mountains of West Virginia.

    2. Yes, the crows come and chastise me after the parrots are gone. Too funny. The crows are smart.

    3. I cannot imagine chasing away parrots. We saw parrots when we lived in SF. Loved it.

      Being able to get up from the floor is a huge indicator of health and longevity. I remember the last time I saw my dr, she left me lying on the table while we talked. I finally got tired of lying there and sat up and reached for my ankles to stretch out. She said, "that's good, do you know how many patients I have who cannot do that." What? That was easy peasy. And, yes, I can get up from the floor, too. That was when she told me the importance of this ability in maintaining one's health. I do floor exercises every morning for my spine so I have to get down and up with no assistance. Keep working at it.

    4. I thought he'd put up a picture of the crows or parrots. We have some green ones over here that somebody let loose and they multiplied.

      Love the fun colorful dress!

    5. So very sorry about Hub and his new diagnosis. I'll keep you (Seedys) and him in my thoughts and prayers. For Mage: Oh my word... LOL here as I think about how difficult it is for me to get up and down from the floor. When did this lack of ability happen to us?? And you used to only post photos when your life got too busy to write... photos say you're o.k. and just too busy to write, and that's o.k. Love you and G!

    6. Those exercises for getting up off the floor work if you can keep them up. I have the same getting up difficulty and the exercises actually do make your legs and thighs stronger, and improve your balance. I just wish I like to do them, blah!

    7. A tough diagnosis. Keeping them in my prayers.

      Get up off the floor? You should see David.

      Began reading Wheat Belly. Pretty good until he gets to recipes. Flies in the face of everything else I've read and far too restrictive. He does have some great points on wheat, however.

      Neighbor gone nuts cutting down trees. I have lots of fodder for tomorrow's post!!

      Good luck with exercise. No one can say you are not making a huge effort.

    8. Parrots...learn to love them. They are here to stay. Birds think it's Mecico! Will check out G's post.

    9. This comes with prayer for Seedys, her husband and the medical folks who will be involved in their lives.

      Mage, kudos on your exercising and working toward healthy body, mind and spirit.

      Post-stroke I have learned to get up from the floor with some help for balance from a sofa or chair. I have not mastered getting down on the floor. At home I just ooze off our sofa onto the floor to do my lying down exercises.

    10. Yes, I should put a photo on FB, the back is so short it is almost but not quite shaved. It is called an "A Frame" cut, google it... much like the popular girls were wearing when I was a Jr. and Sr. in high school, a Vidal Sasoon I am sure, everything old is new again you know.

      And thanks to everyone for prayers and good thoughts. All I need is love, that comes in the prayers and keep me covered in love.

    11. I find being regular about even mild exercise is not something that comes naturally to me.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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