June 23, 2014

Email and Other things like Brides

The bride opening some of her mountain of presents.

Why did we switch email addresses?  Yes, we could have put one of our four gmail addresses into the endless list of places that needed email.  No matter what we did, we had to change the email address on a fleet of sites so we used Cox not gmail.  Yes, I have Wordpress, but I can’t figure out what to do there.  I can on Blogger, so on blogger I stay.

Nope, no Yahoo any more.  We had problems with Yahoo.  We had problems with lots of other addresses.  This way, life is simple.  Now that it’s all changed over.  Our TV images are vastly better now too.

Email:  It’s amazing how many folks have changed their email over the years.  Lots I sent out yesterday were returned.  Darn it.  I talk with most of them on Facebook, so I know they still exist.  Some are now lost forever.  Double darn.

Yes, I wore the tight pants to the Bridal Shower at a custom and charming canyon home.  Yes, one of the bride’s new daughters was there.  Delightful.  Hoards of ladies from the Discovery shop were there.  They were delightful too.  I had fun until I ate a piece of cake.  Yes, I’m still suffering.  Later today I will be able to laugh about it.   

  • Himself:  Work and laundry and meeting.

  • Herself:  Last night’s Speaker’s Meeting was really magic.  Today I’m cleaning up after myself, running errands later, and fixing dinner.  Simple day.

  • Reading:  One of the JA Jance Beaumont mysteries.

  • Balance:  Reading.


    1. With luck, we can ride this email out into the sunset.

    2. I go away one day and two posts from you pop up. Your new system must inspire you.

      Too bad about Wordpress. I've had it for several years. Prof in graduate school liked it best. Cleo wired, she called it.(That's a reference to the history muse,BTW). Okay, doc says it's time for knee surgery. Asked me if I was ready. Now I have paperwork galore. Ugh.

      I hope my iron level is better with next blood test. Still have one more gastroenterology test to go.

      Lucky you, busy, busy with none medical stuff.

    3. Glad you have it sorted to your satisfaction. I used WordPress for awhile, and still have a blog archived there. IN some ways, it is better than Blogger, but more contacts are here, and it's easier for them.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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