June 14, 2014

Flag Day

Sometimes we hang the flag out, sometimes we don’t.  I think this year we might.

In 1777, congress adopted the stars and stripes as our national flag.  The Army also celebrates its birthday this day.  Celebrations officially crept along.  By 1916, reflecting the patriotic fervor of the times, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed June 14th Flag day.  It is still not a national holiday.  A few states have made it a state holiday tho, and if you want to read all the details, check out the Wiki Article on the subject.

George thinks the flags are in the cubby hole desk.  We have his parents 48 star flag and a more modern one.  We both agree that the trees in front hide the house.  We will hang it off the tiny bedroom balcony.  If we can find it. 

  • Himself:  Off to the museum at noonish to see and work the new show.  Orphan cars…like the Hudsoon, DeSoto, Kaiser, Pierce Arrow.  I reminded him to take his camera.
  • Herself:  Went shopping for smaller pants at Ross dress for less.  I got rid of two; I buy two.  I got a really sexy shirt too.
  • Reading:  I think I have finished the last Hillerman.  What a shame…they could go on forever as far as I am concerned.
  • Balance:  Sending love to Seedys and laughing at Ronnie’s blog today.  Finally knocking down the infection in one ear from an earring.  The infection has been there since the beginning, but grew exponentially after I slept in an earring a few weeks ago.


  1. Happy flag day! Sorry about your ear, can't sleep in mine either. Itchy and hot. You inspired me, I started the Hillerman's yesterday, I'd forgotten how much I loved them.

  2. Being grateful today that I can sit here in the morning cool, read your blog and enjoy a second cup of coffee rather than do volunteer work all day long--been there and did that for several years. We hang our flag off our deck--the winds flip it like crazy. Love you...

  3. Forgot to ask if the Hillerman you're reading is Tony Hillerman, of the Navajo Reservation fame.

  4. Back blogging tomorrow. Tied down with dogs, cat, parrots.

    Hillerman's daughter now writing the books.

    Flag Day important. One nephew, Keith, now deceased born on this date in 1954.

    David hangs our flag out every day. Stars and Stripes Forever.

  5. We hang a flag toward the end of June for Canada Day, July 01. It usually come down on July 02. :)


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