June 9, 2014

George and Mage go to the Fair

George in his loudest shirt so I could find him in the crowds.  I could.

“We are going to the Fair Saturday,” he told me.

“Why that day?”

“Because that day is the Fireman’s Demolition derby.”  They don’t get points for each crunch, they drive till the last car is standing.  

We are all cheering on the fire departments right now anyway.

We found me a new leather backpack, we ate the lunch we brought with us, and we ate some things we shouldn’t have.  Woodworking, quilting, home arts with the foods looking fresh for a change, and a time to photograph the midway.  Then we went to the far end of the fairgrounds to check out the firemen banging on their cars.  They raced at one in the first demo derby of the day, and they were going to race again at five.  Metal had to come off the tires, and the wheels had to turn.

We took a lot of pictures of strong men banging on real old-fashioned metal, cutting it with giant cutters and moving it with the Jaws-of Life.  We gave them a good donation before dinner and the demo derby.  Boy did we have fun.

Imagine, we forgot the photography and the art.  Just think.  We get to go back a second time.

Instead of draping about ten quilts per rod, this year they hung them on revolving racks.  One could actually see each quilt.
Blue ribbon winners.
And the long barns had llamas, pidgeons, sheep, and pigmy goats this day.

This one didn’t say anything, but one further down hated being sheered.

Left: Freeing up the wheel.  Right: Boom….Boom…

The Zipper against the sky.

Right on top.

Yes, we will go back.

  • Himself:  At work.

  • Herself:  Cleaning up the wreckage of herself.  Maybe a nap later.

  • Reading:  One of the Hillerman Jim Chees.

  • Balance:  Breathing.


    1. Breathing is good after so much excitement. Beautiful photos, quilts, sheep and such. I like G's hat. Our Fair isn't until August. The county waits until it's good and hot. Don't know about sheep shearing, but a greased pig race.

    2. I love the idea on how to display the quilts. Good one.

      It sounds like a fun time. Demolition derbies are things I went to in a past life when I was younger. Great times. I need to go to one again.

    3. Sounds like a great fair, love seeing quilts, art, and animals.

      Our fair goes over Labor Day, hats and water bottles required.

    4. I love that photo of George. Beautifully taken! The quilts are gorgeous! I love all the colors. The fair sounded like tons of fun!

    5. It looks like a FAIRly nice fair even if I don't quite 'get' demolition derbies.

    6. I love your fair photos. What a good time you had. We only go to the county fair about every 10 years so as to see new things. If I go every year, it looks the same.


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