June 22, 2014

Stressful Two Days.

The worst is almost over here.  We can dance for a minute.  Image: Cousins Tom and Betty on their last visit here.
We changed our ISP.  Not all programs are user friendly.  No matter how much we struggled, some programs hated both of us.  Eventually all the email addresses were either corrected or deleted.  If you haven’t heard from us, we couldn’t figure out who you were.  If you haven’t heard from us in years, you have probably been deleted.  Whoops.

For me, blogger was the worst as I couldn’t get rid of the gmail address that we don’t use.  Facebook….similarly ugly.  I spent hours yesterday struggling with things, wanting to bang my head on things.  Today I dealt with the email addresses…which transferred over ok but in the wrong spots.  I realize that John@zenophobia.com isn’t your phone number.  If I knew who you were, I saved your address.  If I couldn’t remember which John you were, Oh Well.

Stress was my middle name yesterday and earlier today.

Shortly I’m off to the wedding shower.  The white pants are blindingly tight, gasp, and the white ¾ pants are so baggy I have to roll the waistline up, up, up.  I couldn’t figure out how to put the new green shirt on, but the new black shirt fits fine….and will fit fine later.

Yes, I am walking off and letting G play with the home network.

Yes too, I will take a camera.


  1. I've had a yahoo.com email address since 1998. I've never bothered with ISP issued emails because of the switching over issue. Just get a Yahoo or Gmail address and never worry about switching again.

  2. I hope William's advice is on target, because that has been my strategy ever since my hotmail went bonkers. Six years with Gmail and so far so good.

    Sympathies. Technology and gnashing of teeth go together for me.

  3. Lots of stress I see. All the kinds of issues and challenges that I hate. Tomorrow is another day. Keep up the good hope.

  4. I had to just walk away from free aol because It was continually hacked and though I tried everything, I couldn't get it canceled. I just let everyone know my new gmail address and deleted AOL from all my devices. Somewhere in aol hell my old address is probably continuing to pile up unopened junky emails...but they and their hackers do not make it to my computers. Should I be worried?

  5. My goodness you have had a time of it haven't you. The things we do in the name of progress lol
    Thankfully we have had no trouble in 14 years with our ISP - they were bought out a while back but the change over was smooth as silk. Heres hoping you can settle into a peaceful life with your new one.
    I did the delete thing not long ago - sent emails asking 'unremembered' people to get back to me - if they didn't they obviously didn't remember me either - so out they went.
    Take care

  6. Look at those blossoms out there!!!

    I just use gmail and never have to worry about porting it from one computer to another. Less filling, tastes great. :)

  7. Spend $26 per year and sign up for Wordpress. Blogger sucks lemons.

  8. I hope you get it all working soon. I have two accounts (AOL and Gmail) and they both work fine.

  9. It wasn't all you. Some programs just aren't working. It was only this morning that I noticed that Bloglovin' -- which has been behind for at least a week -- hadn't come up at all this weekend. That is, no email, but I can go straight to the site. (Thanks a lot.)

    Blogger has been difficult because (1) every now and then it says we can't comment at that page, and (2) for those that use a Captcha text, it's giving us empty boxes.

    Now, what parent company can't get its act together?


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