June 5, 2014

Sunshine and Shadows

Log Cabin quilt:  Sunshine and shadow variation, 1890’s.  Mingei Museum 2014.

It was such a pleasure to go into work yesterday and find that the Tuesday guy had priced all the books.  I was able to fill in the half empty shelves out in the store.  It was wonderful to be able to get something done so easily.  I even got another box of cookbooks priced too….is that 14 boxes?  We are going to have a lot of cookbooks for the kitchen sale starting tomorrow.  Then right at the end, the old book pricing lady showed up.  We thought she had quit.  Ah well.

My poor coworker Bill is really tired of pricing and boxing kitchen things.  I understand.  He’s tired, and he just wants to move on, and too, those kitchen thing boxes are heavy.  Tomorrow we will put it all out artistically scattered throughout much of the store.  Me?  Looking forward to seeing how many cookbooks we really have.

Today the truck to the new dealer.  Grumpy looks beautiful and spotless.  Now I just hope I don’t act too weird in the service drive….

  • Himself:  G’s hoping they will hire someone so his job isn’t just covering other’s folks work while they are on vacation.  No one is doing his work.

  • Herself:  Discovers she needs to wash slip covers and clean out the bookcase behind her office chair.  Cough, cough….

  • Reading:  Hillerman’s “Coyote Waits.”  Excellent stuff.

  • Balance:  Cleaning up the messes of my presents.


    1. Coyote Waits is a spine tingles. I wish I could donate some of my cooking books.

    2. Stopped by your store on Saturday. Such a lovely place!

    3. I watch your store on facebook!

    4. Hope your car venture goes well.

    5. On the road this weekend and then the summer begins for real with lots of business. Already looking forward to fall, except I have at least one big trip then!! Oh well, after the winter holidays maybe I can sit and think and do nothing.

    6. I gifted mine a couple of years ago - the shelves are still chock-a-bloc with them. I'll look at them for inspiration and then do my own thing - haven't got this ingredient, oh, lets use this instead. Haven't poisoned us yet lol
      Take care

    7. What's wrong with Grumpy?? Or is this just a regular service visit?

    8. No cats for me today. I think it's age discrimination. Yet one more example of being told I/we are too old for something. Of course they are cagey. Never say it directly to your face. Grrrrr

    9. You are really kind to donate your services, Mage. Hope everything works out as you hope.


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