June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday's and Other Mouths

A Mission Beach Plunge employee picnic.  It’s amazing how nothing changes but the glasses.  Those were really heavy glass.
2009: At Grandson David’s graduation from High School.

I like “Throwback Thursdays” on Facebook.  A few years ago, I actually got all the loose family photos scanned and filed by name on my computer.  I got all my journal photos and doodles scanned too.

I’ve filed them by letter and name.  My mother married three times, and I have many of the images from everyone’s lives.  Easy access to materials for TBT’s.  When I saw these two photos, I laughed.  There’s my mouth open in the same odd way 25 years apart.  Silly mouth.

Not so silly.  We all haven’t heard any news from Seedys since she got pet sitters and left for Juneau.  All I can do is send prayers out for her husband.  I did hear from Granddaughter Beth who mailed a thank you note.  At last.  Our neighbor has become a three cat woman.  The first two don’t like each other, and she has just changed the dynamic one more time.  She is always trying to get rid of Zena the Warrior Kitty.  If we could have a cat, we would take her.

Tomorrow is the big 50% off sale at work.  We all have been working hard to get merchandise out on the floor for this.  My friend Bill has double scheduled himself and won’t be there.  Instead, before we open, he and I will come in and we will get one giant set of dishes priced and out.  I can do the gym but not the pool.

New news.  After many months of a collapsing Internet Service Provider, we are changing ISP’s.  We think our old ISP is running out of money and is either going out of business or being sold.  This is a shame as it has given consistently excellent service.  It used to be the biggest, now it is small potatoes.  Saturday morning, we will be switching to a cable service and get a new email address.  I’m not impressed with changing everything over.  I’m lazy and easily confused.


  1. I am also more easily confused these days. I have Verizon service (my old employer and source of one annuity) and leave the cable, landline TV and computers to them. Many fewer problems since I left Bill Gates for Apple. May it always be so.

    Re photos...very nice. Unposed photos where you are caught in the moment are always best. My mouth is always open so I can breathe.

    I am lazy with old photos. Need to get some up for my cousins.

    I have not been to the pool in a month. May go back eventually, but garden takes time now. That plus learning how to cook from scratch again. As for my gluten free diet...still trying it. I hope it helps with some issues, but it won't fix my back. Sciatica is miserable.

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  4. I hate Blogger. Makes me look stupid. You can see I made some effort to respond to your post. Feel free to erase a few of my efforts!

  5. I love the photos....and I hope the new server works out for you.

  6. Start selling the furniture if you go to Comcast. It is unaffordable by any but the most generous standards I absolute must get better organized with my photos...maybe this winter? Maybe start making some books???Oh help!!!

  7. Wow,those photos are 25 years apart? You would never know it. You certainly don't age.

    Terry says my mouth is always open and so it is in all the photos unless I pose, very carefully, for a photo. We don't do those posed pictures much any more, though, do we?

  8. Look at all my HAIR in the first photo!

  9. I love it that we can delete photos we don't like of ourselves now. Good for you on getting all your photos scanned and organized. I'm still not 100% done with putting all the information on the photos. I'm also not done scanning Art's slides. He's got millions of them and it wore me out. Now they sit there staring at me. Sigh...

    I actually like that photo of you now especially. It captures the moment.

  10. Same bracelet too....only unpolished. I still wear it.

  11. I remember how heavy eyeglasses used to be. I had one pair where I had to wear 'cushions' on the nose piece.

  12. We have Charter here, Comcast's evil twin. That ISP is collapsing too. Outages every week, including their TV and phone systems. The connection drops frequently during the day. CentryLnk has been upgrading in our neighborhood and I have friends who like it where the upgrades have occurred.


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