July 22, 2014

Comic Con Pictures 1

Pink in 2012.

One of my favorite things at Comic Con is to photograph the costumes…and the costume creators.  I love seeing imagination in action and magic in the eyes.

A Regimental Officer. 2012.

Look at the effort and creativity this officer put into his wardrobe.  I love it even tho it isn’t a good picture.

Oh, the magic of it all.

  • Comic Con:  He has a four day pass, but despite his best two computer efforts, they would only give him a three day pass for me. Thanks to thhe efforts of a dear friend from the Padres days, we have a Thursday pass for me and two for Margot and Zoe.
  • Himself:  Worked really hard yesterday then was told he had to drive north in our traffic for the bosses birthday today.  Missed meeting, updated work laptop, deviled eggs for potluck, and leaving before 7 this morning.
  • Herself:  A good day.  Haircut, and a walk to the new salon.
  • Reading:  Starting on V 4 of the Vorkosigian Saga.
  • Balance:  Not taking a nap today as I did yesterday and didn’t sleep well.


  1. I know you can't wait to see all the new costumes this year. I can't wait either!

  2. I would hate to have to make that drive every day.

    Oh boy Comic-Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So excited for you! YAY! Pictures, please!

  4. What fun! And nobody seems to mind being photographed.

  5. The photos are splendid and really do justice to the costumes.


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