July 26, 2014

A Glimpse of Friday's Comic Con


  • Himself:  Commented that this was the first year we attended more panels than we spent time on the floor.  Loved the Firefly video panel.  Costume day today.

  • Herself:  This is also the first year that we have attended different panels on different subjects.  Tho we are both involved in Steampunk, I am not interested in the latest video games.  Costuming for the Hall and for the Masquerade interested me.  Cosplay they called it.  Got to see Preston for a short visit.  Today Steampunk meetup at noon.

  • Reading:  Finished “Memory” this morning and will take “Komar with me to keep me amused in the long line for Hall H.  Preview of Nephews latest movie there at 2.

  • Balance:  Dinner out at Donovan’s.  What a calming treat in the middle of Comic Con Chaos.

    1. I hope the girl with the alabaster skin wears sun protection and I wonder what is amusing the handsome guy in the last photo?

    2. Wonderful and fun! Our son and his wife are there. I've been enjoying all the photos he has been sharing on Facebook. If only I was younger and able to wait those hours to get into Hall H ;) I envy them. I'll bookmark your posts and send them to him. I know he will enjoy them immensely.

    3. The costumes are gorgeous...I see lots of female action heroines....can't wait for more photos.

    4. Good to have your quiet space to reflect.

    5. There are whole worlds of interests and hobbies that I have no idea about. I would be such a fish out of water. But I could enjoy their enthusiasm.


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