July 31, 2014

Back to Earth

Random House advertising the new George RR Martin book.  Scribner’s were around the corner as was Mysterious Galaxy Books…a local store.

My messes are tidied up, George is so organized there were no messes, and I’ve put representative photographs of Comic Con up on facebook.  I have made time to exercise after all those Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies, and salads are now my middle name.  G gained .8, and I gained 3.8 pounds.  Every chip was worth it and I’ll do it again next year.  YES!

I’ve been back to work and happily shuffled books in and out and sideways.  The nice Tuesday Guy got them priced.  I got most of them shelved.  I am so glad I found a way to give back to the world that fits me so well.

I miss Gloria, and now I miss Joan.  Joan has lived in a wheelchair for a great many years, and, even with a foot sore that wouldn’t heal, she would come in to work.  Now she has broken a leg and after one call to tell us this, has vanished.  When I was hired, the boss mentioned how hard it was to get close to her older workers.  So many had died off on her.  Now I have the same problem.

Today I tackle the mountains of email waiting for me at all those addresses.  I’ll delete old Comic Con shots from both facebook and my photo host.  Another goal is to make the great G laugh.  Once or twice, perhaps.  Maybe I can doze for an hour this afternoon over a book.  I can’t imagine the old me enjoying this.  Not at all.  Yes, I am laughing at myself.

  • Himself:  Enjoying work.  He likes life now.
  • Herself:  Looking for fat lady baggy-elasticized waist shorts for these very hot days that have 95% humidity.  George found my extra pair on my hat shelf.  Two pair will do.
  • Reading:  More of the Vorkosigan saga.
  • Balance:  Reading.


    1. You sound as though the re-entry was not exhausting. Good for you. I am already looking forward to a vacation from the vacation.

    2. I read 3.5 books of Martin's series before I tossed it for moving at such a glacial pace.

    3. I am so sorry about your friend. Hope she surfaces soon.

    4. Robert and looked at each and every one of your Comic-Con pictures... had to do an extended pause several times to take in all of the details of some of the costumed people, but oh my word, what an education. LOL Can't remember who said it, but they said, 'Oh, the humanity of it all.' Especially seeing people sitting all over that hall, waiting for some program to open up. The body 'perfume' must have been staggering!

    5. EDIT...and 'I' looked...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    I thought these the most inventive costumes.   Sorry about the arm, but I never got a clear view. Scheduled to work at noon, ...