July 4, 2014

Flag Findings

I love flags.  They are gay, colorful, move in the wind, have a historical context, and are all over the city.  This one is a garrison flag on the old NTC – Liberty Station.  Here's a well illustrated history of our flag.

Every picture has a story.  This flag is flying on the side of the dry dock on the Sub Base, Point Loma.  That’s a good sized dry dock.  We were there for our neighbor’s retirement party.

Somehow, somewhere here in town, a first flag caught my attention.  I photographed it.  Now I’m always shooting flags where ever I see them.

On 9-12-01, this garrison flag began flying off the stern of the Star of India.

The day after Memorial Day at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  The boy scouts have taken down the flags and bundled them ready for storage.  I had a much older camera that year, and its few pixels give the shot an out of focus appearance.  I’ve gone back up several times, but I have never been able to duplicate this shot.

I hope you all have a great day with some sunshine and few storms coming your way.


  1. Our weather began grey and slightly chilly, but is now very nice. Fireworks on the Mall tonigh!

  2. Meaningful collection. Good Independence Day post.

  3. I wouldn't worry about duplicating it.. or downplaying it. It's a fine shot. It stands for itself.

    I hope you had a good Fourth. :)

  4. Storm moved out to sea and barely left us with .25 inches of rain and few heavy gusts of wind. Wind is still too high for fireworks though...so if we have energy we will go tomorrow night.
    You do have the artist's eye.


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