July 8, 2014

Here a Luzzati

A Luzzati mounted as a room divider.

I came home from the gym yesterday, bent over to put bags of books into the back seat of the car, and my back seized up.  Spent yesterday in bed.  Today I’m seeing a new doctor in the practice then coming home to bed.  Tomorrow, I am going to work if the doc will let me drive.

She says waving at her friends.

Not only did I snap a muscle in my back lifting the books, the lower back muscles are spasming around it.  Now I am a lift nothing, use heat and Ibuprofin, hot tubs woman.  I can do my water aerobics but leave the weights alone for a while.  Yes, I can go into work for three hours while using a heat pack.  Life will be better in two weeks.  

  • Himself:  Taking me to the doc.  I am very grateful.

  • Herself:  Dulling the pain.

  • Reading:  Jance.

  • Balance:  Not having this happen again.


    1. Not having this happen again means a therapist that gives you the exercises you need to strengthen that part of the back and to also be careful twisting and leaning when holding heavy weights. I am so,so,so sorry this happened but perhaps something or someone it telling you to slow down a pinch.

    2. Oh my. So sorry, sometimes it can be the slightest off move that does it. Any chance of a soothing massage?

    3. Beautiful work of art. I would love it here.
      Too bad about your back. You are old enough to know better, I keep telling David when he carries four bags of groceries and puts himself out of commission.

      I am going through all the preoperative appointments. Just hope my blood work is okay. Cancelled the capsule camera until September, but staying gluten free.

      Hope to be able to walk after this is over. I hate being incapacitated. David says he's next.

    4. I feel your pain! Only one more day for me to see the spine doctor. I'm so ready to get a shot!

    5. Too bad about the back.
      Hope you feel better soon.

    6. Don't these things creep up on you when you least expect it.
      I know you 'll be sensible and hope by now you're better.


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