July 9, 2014

Keeping it Simple

Round and round they go.

Much better today.  I’m still not tap dancing on table tops, and I’m slow.  Glad I kept Duck’s cane.  I can stand up straight tho, which is vastly better than yesterday.  I did the hot tub this morning, and we have hot patches to wear on my back while I am at work.  Someone else can lift things today at work.

Sounds good to me.

  • Himself:  Taking care of me yesterday and going to work.
  • Herself:  Followed all suggestions.  Moved slowly, stretched slowly, and kept Plaid, our imaginary dog, amused.
  • Reading:  Still JA Jance.
  • Balance:  Is following suggestions.

    1. You will be dancing on the table soon. Sorry about the spam.

    2. Oh yes, I am full of suggestions for sore backs. Happy to hear you are better. Yes, do stay off table tops. Hate the new security check. Four attempts to get it right.

    3. It does take time, be patient. YOu are keeping up your optimism which is perfect. If you start dancing on a table top I insist on a photo!

    4. Gotta see the table dance. Be careful ;-)

    5. Just keep moving... slow but sure, being careful not to jerk. And yes, by all means, have someone else do the lifting! Healing hugs to you ... T

    6. Arrrgh! I'm trapped here and can't get out! Horrible eyesight anymore and blurry numbers do not compute! Love you!

    7. I meant to ask...is that the gingham dog? Do you also have a calico cat'?

    8. Tehachap speaks good sense. Take heed:)


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