July 24, 2014

SDSU and Comic Con

Outside on the streets, 10113.

  • Himself:  Picked up badges in the valley yesterday.  Bought Sunday’s cake makings yesterday.  Fed the neighbor’s kitties breakfast extra early.  Working from 0700 to 1400 then off to the Con.
  • Herself:  Heading to SDSU a little before 9 to meet with the SDSU VA person in the 100 degree heat.  Pick up car at Qualcom Stadium and home to get G for the Con.
  • Reading:  Taking “Memory” to SDSU to read on the trolley there and back but nothing to Comic Con. 
  • Balance:  Totally relaxing once I get home from SDSU.  I’ve been out of balance about this.

    1. The head hunter was interesting, but the cows were good.

    2. Lots of running around for you...as for me. Seems to be such a busy time.

    3. I have no idea what comic character that might be, but I am impressed.

    4. So great to relax. Not much of that around here.

    5. SDSU has me puzzled.
      Golly 100 degrees heat! We are melting in 80 degrees.

    6. We're muggy today ... Ugh! temp is still in the 80's with cloud cover and possible chance of light rain in about 30 min. LOL per Accuweather's estimation. ;) Hugs and rest to you both!


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