July 30, 2014

The Comic Con Photographs

The crowds outside the Convention Center.

I spent the afternoon creating an album of the Comic Con photos for 2014.  If you go to Mage Bailey’s Facebook page, click on “photos” then Albums, you will find all the images in one album listed by day.

I truly enjoy the inventive costumes as much as I enjoy the artists. I hope you enjoy them too.

  • Himself:  Worked his own job and began his own album.
  • Herself:  Think I should delete the 2013 and 2013 albums.
  • Reading:  "A Civil Campaign."
  • Balance:  Too much heat and humidity and photographs for balance, but today will be better.


    1. Great fb pictures Mage. Loved seeing your family too.

    2. I took a look.. fun stuff, Mage.

    3. If I go to FB I have to come out of hiding. Maybe I need a costumed FB page?

    4. Your photos are the bomb! Such great pictures!

    5. Love the fb photos, especially of you and G. You are a great couple.


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