August 21, 2014

Before Coffee/After Coffee/And More

No coffee this morning, no meds, I’m just like this doll that came in to the store yesterday.  It’s the yearly physical time this morning.  And did I complain that I was hungry?  No complaints about G tho.  He's driving, and I am very grateful.

By noon, I should be heading home with a stack of referrals under my arm.  Leg, hip, hand, eyes, breasts….you know the drill.  I’m probably a wuss about all of this because I worry.  All worry does is get me hungrier and make me feel stupider. 

More later….after coffee, pills, and a slice of bread and butter.


Even tho I was miserable and nervous, I survived.  I have so many funguses, I stopped counting.  Those warts aren’t warts, they are squamus cell things.  Lots of them.  My skin, weight, and BP is worse, but I am in pretty darned good shape overall.  I was even better after coffee, meds and breakfast/lunch.

Now I move on to appointments with the mammogram, the pulmonary surgeon, orthopedic guy, and later the ophthalmologist.  I feel momentarily heroic as I manage to remember the doctor’s long titles.  


August 22:  I survived all the pokes and prods by staying in the now.  I know it sounds trite, but perhaps I am a trite kind of person.  The doc took action on one of my fungi, and I felt measuredly lighter this morning.  Pool, breakfast and off to work.


  1. My mother instilled in me that I should not worry about anything which I could not change or modify or improve upon. Therefore, I only worry if I can have an effect.

  2. The worst part of the physical is trying to decide to take off your shoes, jacket, etc. for the weight in! ;-)

  3. You had to go in without coffee, grim.

  4. I'm still doing the follow up stuff following my May physical exam. Breast exam tomorrow. Bunches of other appt. in September. That and PT twice per week...very tiring. Good luck with your exams. I see the dermatologist in November for six month check. Get those squamous cells removed.

  5. I've always said that, if you have to go to a physical without eating, they should draw blood and whatever else, and then feed you!

    Only times that has happened was after early morning surgeries. At those facilities, they always fed me and made sure I felt good before sending me home.

  6. After receiving yet another post from someone on Facebook showing a photo of a tortured dog, I decided to avoid it for a while. So, if you don't post here I won't see much of you.

    Why doesn't FB ban these incendiary photos on their network? So many sick individuals in this world.

  7. That has to be a good job well done.
    Onward and upward:)
    I haven't had my BP checked since just after MTL died. I will go - as soon as I feel rested.


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