August 2, 2014

Bridge Cloths

Rusting steam engine, Skagway, 2009.

Thursday I dug around in data bases and deleted hundreds of photos from my photohost.  It was a little like cleaning out the linen closet or a bookcase.  Friday I went to work and discovered that someone had cleaned out their linen closet.  Unfortunately, I don’t need the many embroidered pillow cases or bridge cloths with matching napkins…all hand stitched.

Nor did I need the fighting duo as my desktop.  Grrrrrrr…….clang, BANG!

To quiet things a bit, Ommmmmmmm, I changed my focus to the quiet of Alaskan views.  I need quiet as I have been losing things again with a certain lack of dignity.  I took my partial out while brushing my teeth in the car, and later I couldn’t find it.  Yesterday, I managed to lose my Visa card just after using it at the cleaners.  Both days, the lost were found in the car. 

Maybe I will go buy that grey on grey plaid hand sewn bridge cloth after all.  The perfection of it’s stitching to remind me of the fallibility of my behaviors.

  • Himself:  Saved lots of folks money, and he had a great day.  Didn’t find any new movies worth watching.
  • Herself:  Got all the new cookbooks shelved, and filled two shelves with new children’s books.  Some really good stuff too.  Dissapointed that more friends here are tired of Comic Con photos and aren't leaving notes.  Worried about Kay, of Kay's Musing, who vanished into a Haitus.  Joan called from a nursing home upstate.  She's "stressed," and she says the food is so bad she can't eat.  I worry.
  • Reading:  The last of the Miles volumes.  Off to the Ortiz estate sale.  Eddie was my father’s best friend, and he faded out of our lives as Gunny’s alcoholism grew worse.
  • Balance:  Not talking while G is gone today as I lost my voice yesterday.  Too much beep beep at the Con.


    1. Nursing homes scare the bejeweled out of me too. Yesterday at the hospital to see my doc, I saw an old man sitting in a wheel chair, waiting for the van to pick him up and take him back to his nursing home. He was complaining to his assistant about pain and how he could not get away from it. Terribly depressing business is getting older. Yuck!

    2. My best longtime friend just got home from a 3-month incarceration in the hospital and a nursing home. The home was the pits. Her daughter got her back into a different hospital with an intensive PT program for two weeks and then back into her own home. Bless her. What a harrowing trip.

      Take care of yourself Mage. I've found things I lost in places I would not deliberately thought to leave them, disturbing.

    3. It's a little scary when you misplace a credit card. Not that I would really know this. Of course not.

    4. You spoke too soon! I was at a friend's birthday party on Saturday and her granddaughter came in and mentioned she'd spent the whole week at Comic-Con!! Her mother went too and they both dressed up... I seem to remember her costume in your photos, but I can't be sure. Her mom dressed as Spock's mother from an earlier Star Trek episode... Stunning! They said there were people all over the streets -- in costume and street clothes. And the souvenirs that you could purchase went quickly!

    5. P.s. thanks for the old steam engine photo. Sad to see, but oh so common. Hugs, T


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