August 16, 2014


Our desert city is infused with greens, and we do live in a desert.  Our lawns glow with the early morning sun on their green carpets.  Worst of all, our condo is surrounded by leafy green trees.  I love waking up to the green glow outside my windows.  I love the color of the leaves as the sun hits them electrifying their color.

Not only do we live in a desert, we are suffering the third worst water drought iin  recorded history.  Some of our neighbors here in white-bread land have stopped watering their carefully tended lawns.  Bravo to them.  Others in the neighborhood are changing their landscaping to plants that will use less water.  We are among those.

I will miss my tall agapanthas, but I am looking forward to the new adaptive landscaping surrounding my home.  We are allowed to water ten minutes a day…that will allow a large variety of landscaping that’s well adapted to living in a desert. 

We are putting a bond on the ballot that will create more water storage and bring water from other areas to the communities that need it.  Instead, why not invest in desalination plants.  With climate change, our ocean levels are rising.  Why not use a little of that new ocean water instead of the non-existent Colorado River ground water.  Make a lot of it and we can sell it to other states who are suffering from the drought.

Just a thought from my green Oasis in the South West.   Then again, thinking always gets me in trouble.

Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam today.  Photo: Bureau of Reclamation/ NASA

  • Himself:  Hitting the hardware stores for a faucett ring and two cords and plugs.  Going to the museum and dinner.
  • Herself:  Riding along with G with a book.  Fixingn a salad for dinner.  Reading, and drawing if it is cool enough.
  • Reading:  The third in this Moon space opera.  She sure can write.
  • Balance:  Cool air blowing in the car windows.


    1. Desalination sounds like a great idea!

    2. Good ideas Mage. We live in a desert area too and the lawns here are relentlessly green all summer. Slow learners.

    3. I think those ideas are wonderful...hope others will follow suit.

    4. I think even non-desert areas may eventually face water issues. Desalination sounds good to me. too.

    5. Sorry about the drought. We got into water restrictions two summers ago, but we are busy building rafts this year. :)

    6. We are forgetting that water and air are not free...unless we accept the climate in which we live and allow ourselves to adapt. The desert sure is lovely, though.

    7. I look forward to seeing your new landscaping. We're encouraged to plant things that don't need much water too.

    8. That last photo on your post is absolutely breathtaking. The water and the rocks are my favorite combination.


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