August 10, 2014

Liking days like this!

A Plein Air Landscape.

We were very busy yesterday….without Aleve.  I like days like this.

Bobbie and her new boyfriend stopped by to give us the bowls to her old mixer.  She also brought down orts from Mikey’s estate, his sisters estate, his mother’s estate, and her mother’s estate.  Last year was a terribly bad one from her perspective.

We had breakfast in one of those healthy places where the food was great but the service was beyond bad.  They forgot me and didn’t give the boyfriend what he wanted at all.  We saw Bill, who I work with two days a week at the shop, and his husband there also.  Really nice folks.

While Bobbie went off to place a couple of rocks on Mikey’s grave marker, we headed off to the Annual Volunteer Picnic behind the museum in Balboa Park.  Lots of good foods.  Lots of talking, great conversations, and lots more food.  We took a caprese salad, and it all vanished in short time.  Poof.  I read with my legs stretched out until G got off work.  Heaven was peace and a good book with a Plein Air landscape all around me..

On the way home, we deposited great mountains of stuff at the Cancer Society.  They didn’t look wonderfully happy to see it all.  I admitted the art was truly awful stuff.  Dust laden things all together.  Off to see “The Hundred Foot Journey” which was delightful. 

No, we didn’t eat dinner.  We were full when we got there and noshed on movie stuff over the trailers. 

We will be busy again today.  Life is good.  I like days like this.


  1. And here's me stuffing my face with home made gluten free high protein low carb low fat cheesecake. Tricky to make but really good. Put it in the WW recipe builder thingy...5 points per slice...small slices. Had to eat three. Gave David a couple of pieces. Froze the rest.

    Knee throbbing the way it did after a bad spill roller skating. Deep bone ache dissipated...I hope.

  2. Breakfast with friends, what a great way to start the day, reading out in the open ;-)

  3. Sounds like a very lovely day.....hope you have more this week.

  4. One of the few things I find about getting old is my previously grumpy early mornings are now amicable and when I can get lots of work done. I think I could almost converse with a breakfast companion. Or am I deluding myself?

  5. My goodness, what a lot of estates to deal with.

  6. It was so nice to see my two favorite bunnies again!

  7. Glad that life is good for you.

  8. I'm so glad things are going so well for you and Geezer, Mage. It's lovely to have a span of days that are just so idyllic.


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