August 5, 2014


Mending, that’s what my hands have been
struggling with
my hands, my eyes, my soul
all failing me today
as I mend holes in my hand braces,
I mend a favorite shirt
my favorite pool dress, favorites
of all kinds
aware of last night’s failings
when at a meeting
sans pant hems
shredding my way
into the rooms with blue shirt and black legs
worst of all
sometimes paraphrasing is all that’s left
when you discover your
teeth at home in a jar by the door


  1. We seem to spend more and more time mending. I lose canes and eyeglasses. I often find the latter securely tucked away in my purse. But only when I have caused a frantic scene as I engage others in the hunt for the lost item.

  2. Oh, my...the teeth at the door is a real problem! Thanks for sharing your mending.

  3. I didn't realize how much time we would be spending on maintenance and finding things, glasses, words, whatever. Love how you keep on keeping on.

  4. Oh dear doesn't sound like a good day - from the sounds of it you are falling apart!
    Never mind tomorrow's another say - I'm sure it will all come together then with no unravelled seams .

  5. Glad you can still sew. I can't thread a needle -- they seem to have two holes.

    I misplace stuff all the time. There'll be a post one day about all the things I misplaced right after I had just found them again.

  6. Oh dear ... but please pardon my snickering.


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