August 3, 2014

More "Delete, Delete..."

Federales pacing our cruise ship into Cabo, 2008.

Is the picture badly composed, is it out of focus, or has it no content.  Out it goes.

Every few years I need to review my thousands of photographs and delete those I am never going to use again.  There are hundreds each month alone for the Discovery Shop.  Mostly, I delete those without a seconds thought.  A terabyte of hard drive fills up rapidly even if you are paying attention to it.  I have a backup, and that hard drive creeps toward full with appalling rapidity too.

It all comes down to bravery.  Decisions.  Should I save every picture ever taken of children or grandchildren?  Every picture ever taken of George?  I don’t need every landscape view, but a few are captivating and stay.  Travel images.  Some of those I keep to make a full picture. 

Boy do I have a lot of pictures.

A Christmas Visit with Zoe.

  • Himself:  We hit a couple of estate sales.  The first one was really things from wife number three.  The second was a rich cornucopia of goodies.  He had fun docenting at a busy museum.  Meeting.  No new movies that we wanted to see.
  • Herself:  Sales first where I got a nice mini Degas dancer.  Delete, delete, nap, meeting.
  • Reading:  ”Cyroburn.”  It’s been so long since I read this that I don’t remember it.  Well done.
  • Balance:  Nap. 
  • Today, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”


    1. Love this photo of your grandchild (?)

    2. I am much more rigorous about pruning than I used to be. I shoot in RAW, which means 18 gigs per photo and more if I send another copy over to Photoshop for a little tweaking.

    3. That's what those enormous external hard drives are for. You might never fill it with all your pictures. I have a terabyte drive I got at Costco a few years ago for $99 or so. I will never fill it up.

    4. Been sending mine extra photos out into the ether too. Amazing how bad some of them are.

    5. Remember when people used to take a whole roll of film and just choose a few shots as worthy of being saved? You happen to be a good photographer, but I know people who take hundreds of shots and save them all, never to be looked at again.

      I worked for editors who took a roll of about 30 pictures. They'd have a contact printed of the whole roll and choose three or four to be published.

    6. It has taken me parts of 2 days to view all your comic con photos plus side excursions to google steam punk and manga.

      I was amazed at the creativity of the costumes and the multitude of genres they and the exhibit booths covered. And the crowds.

    7. know your sentiments, and i too have started deleting. do i really need 100 pics of the mermaid parade from 5 years ago . .. .? and on it goes.

    8. My first stop at your blog. Thanks for the great picture of the federales boat. I know what you mean about what pictures to keep and which ones to trash. Now at least we can hide them on a flash drive.

    9. Dear Linda Kay........
      Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me a note. I wanted to say something on your blog too but it wouldn't let me unless I signed in. I belong to so many blogs now that it hurts and confuses what's left of me to add another. I'll have to leave you notes this way.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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