August 28, 2014

More Wonderful Books

I go to work on Wednesdays not knowing what I will find.  Yesterday appeared to be a quiet day until I blinked.  Poof, there was a whole library, mostly JD Robb/Norah Roberts volumes, in four giant bags.  Giant. 

I was grateful there were no cookbooks as we were still suffering with an excess of enthusiasm from our patrons.  Months ago the boss sent out a note asking for cookbooks.  We are still getting them by the box load.  Yesterday my goal was to get them all priced and out on the shelves. 

So I worked a little late yesterday.  It was flat out fun pulling a few outdated books and filling three shelves with cookbooks.  Then I had to fill two shelves with nonfiction.  Pricing it first of course.  Then…I shelved most of the Robb/Roberts and put a whole wagon load of those out too. 

There are days I feel as if I get a lot done.  Yea…….


  • Himself:  Had fun finding money.  He always does.  Took me out to dinner afterwards.
  • Herself:  I confess to having more fun than allowed with books yesterday.  Women’s group where I got two bags of newish books for the store.  Dinner out.
  • Reading:  New to me, Ben Aaronovitch’s “Midnight Riot.”  Unexpectedly fun start.
  • Balance:  Getting many small things done yesterday.


    1. We have a chalk full secondhand bookstore in this town. Shelves are several rows deep. It looks like they are now expanding to a second house. I never go, It boggles my mind. When I say "never" I have been perhaps 3 times in our 9 years here.

    2. That is a lot of books. I'm like Anvilcloud in that these bookstores overwhelm me...I don't know where to start.

    3. It must have felt like heaven! So many books!

    4. Nice arrangement of books.
      Good luck with sales.

    5. Me? I'm reading books on and about Italy and dreaming. As for cookbooks, I have a few, but always use the same ones over and over. Making home-made gluten free bread and Cannelli bean and Chard soup. It's an Italian thing.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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