August 20, 2014

OH, Lemons!

Starting down an isle at Smart & Final, my eye was caught by a giant bag of lemons.  Lemons en mass.  Many lemons, small but in a potent yellow.  Lots a lemons….and sucked in by the color I added the bag to my cart.

Do I have a need for all these lemons?  Not at all.  They sure do add color to my living room.  What to do with them?  Perhaps a lemon cake?  Not one of my hundred or so cook books had a good lemon cake.  And I looked.  So I started dinner and came upstairs to check online.

What I found was two sites that specialized in cake mix adaptations.  That’s me.  I make a giant sheet cake every Sunday using three cake mixes.  All the adaptations I found called for sour cream.  One cup of sour cream per box of cake mix.  Now that would be fine if I were just making one regular, two layer cake.  I cannot see using three cups of sour cream for the two hundred some drunks with the cost coming out of George’s pocket.

Personally, I don’t need the calories.  Maybe the newcomers do need the calories.  I’m not using the suggestions, but those cake mix adaptations sure do sound good. 

Perhaps I’ll make lemonade.

  • Himself:  Worked hard yesterday.  Got B’s old mixer repaired and waxed.  Dinner, games, TV.
  • Herself:  Committed to a Wednesday afternoon women’s meeting.  Gaining weight.  Read, swim, read blogs, grocery shop
  • Reading:  Book 3 in Moon’s Vatta series.
  • Balance:  Fixing a really nice dinner last night with no desert.  Stauffer’s lasagna, caprese salad, tiny amount of spaghetti.


    1. I like to use cake mixes because the cake always comes out perfectly.

    2. When all else fails,make lemonade!

    3. Love lemons! In a few months, I will have another tree full of fruit! Bring a bag.

    4. I love lemons and seldom use them. I drink tea with half and half and Splenda. Love limes too, and found a seat Salsa recipe in 'Diabetic Living'. Magazine.

      Reading about the collapse of civilization in the Middle East in 1177 BC. Great stuff. And tells us how long tribal warfare has been going on.

    5. I have lost some weight...but it is getting harder now that I am at home to keep it down when I can eat all those things in my house that I like...all those things being food.

    6. I keep lemons in my fridge, even when they get expensive. A slice in my tea. A slice in a glass of seltzer or in water. (Very low calorie, without chemicals.)

      Lemon juice instead of vinegar in salad dressing. A squeeze of lemon over vegetables instead of salt.

      You get the idea.

    7. I vote lemonade or iced tea with lemons. Pfftt on the cake!

    8. I love all things lemon and often squirt my dinner with it.
      When I was a spotty teen ager I used to drink lemon juice with hot water. Tasted foul but did the trick.


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