August 6, 2014

Repair Order

I talk about my old truck as if it were a human
and the pool ladies laugh.
Haven’t any of them named their cars
their trucks
with some word that fits its
quirks and foibles or even its disasters or heroics.
My truck is named Grumpy
a name that fits this small white,
short bed, step sided truck
that isn’t a sports car –
something I tell the Valet race car wanna be’s
who never listen to me.

It is now on his third clutch and second clutch plate,
now on it’s fourth or fifth dashboard cluster
now on it’s three inch stack of repair orders
with only eighty thousand miles.

Then again, I don’t listen to me very well
today repeating my five point fall
of two years ago
rushing and running to get to work
not watching where I go
as I’ve gone that way a million times before
tripping over a rise in the sidewalk
to land horizontally
with only Grumpy as my witness
I now add to my own repair orders.

  • Himself:  Working his own Queue and enjoying it.
  • Herself:  Swam, got all the books shelved despite me, and now I have my legs raised.
  • Reading:  A book on the Secret Service that I have hopes for.  The last one was awful.
  • Balance:  Not worrying about the WW weigh in.

    1. My present vehicle in Hermione.

    2. What me worry? I am in pain again today. What caused it? The delicious macaroons, the kale? I vote for the kale. My car is named June after her license plate.

    3. My future son in law is actually looking for a new vehicle, as his old one has finally died. Not sure it has a real name, but I'm sure it had some *@! names yesterday.

    4. Oh goodness,I do hope you didn't break anything... falling is such the pits, witnesses or no. And we do tend to fall with all our might, don't we?? I can still remember that tightening of every muscle in my body when I fell two years ago September. Rest yourself ... Huggers to you... T

      BTW, my Honda is called "Silver Bullet" and she does go pretty good for an 13 year old girl with over 200,000 miles on her.

    5. Shall I get you some touch up paint for your knees & elbow?

    6. My mantra (but I am very old) is Slow down! Concentrate! It does save me the odd fracture:)


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