August 17, 2014

Sunday Snippits

  • I like writing blog entries early in the day.  It’s cooler then.  I don’t stick to the arms of my chair, but often my brain isn’t awake enough to say things.  Now it’s ten, and it still isn’t awake.  I guess I will forget about trying to write on a schedule.
  • Most of my photography these days is for the shop.  Truly volunteer photography.  Most folks don’t know that numbers are a mystery to me.  Often I forget to add the prices to the pictures, and even if I photograph them I forget about them.  Then I get asked for them.
  • The youngest granddaughter is starting her period at age nine.  Her Pediatrician says this is the new norm.  It frightens me terribly.  Age 15 was the norm in my mother’s life and mine.  We need to rethink how we raise our foods.
  • I found a chair at the store I really like.  Very comfortable.  Do I need a new chair especially one so very large in my so very small condo?  No…but still I look at it.  Sit in it too…silly me.
  • G does the sound set up for the Sunday meeting.  I took the commitment on to make a sheet cake a week for this Sunday meeting.  We, did I say that, have made an art of the mixing.  You would laugh if you could see us linking up bowls, 3 mixes, oil, 9 eggs, and big Pyrex bowls of water.  We are done so fast that we laugh about it.  Yes, it says, don’t lick the bowl because of the raw eggs.  I confess that we do.


    1. So it HAD to be a cake? Not a fruit platter and cheese? Or small cookies? Oh well if you don't make a sacrifice, do you care about these people?

    2. Love the looks very comfy.....and I think you could find a space for it if you REALLY, really, try! LOL.

    3. In 1961-62, the new birth control pills came on the market. The dosage was still being worked out, and I am sure a lot of young women had a problem with that.

      What no one ever seems to have investigated was the way those pills are metabolized and what are their effects. It is known that the pills are dangerous for women who have had breast cancer.

      What bothers me more is that the partially metabolized hormones are released into the water supply. I believe -- I may be the only one -- that is the cause of the declining age of menarche. I also believe that the stuff in the water is the cause of certain types of breast cancer.

      And, of course, if that category of hormone is fed to animals in order to fatten them up faster, yes, that's dangerous to women as well.

      Just my opinion, of course.

    4. My brain really only works in the morning. Sad.

    5. I'm tending to write a week's worth of blog posts at one time. I can't take the tension otherwise.

      I'm hearing that about young girls these days. I had a first grader who already had breasts. It was pretty darn unnerving. Why is this happening, I wonder?

    6. Hmmm.... I just looked at that photo of the chair. It does look awfully, awfully comfortable.

    7. I just had to add that I would love to curl up in that chair!

    8. Guilty. I like to lick the bowls. Made some gluten free, blueberry delicious muffins yesterday. The chair looks comfy. I wish I could bring it here.

    9. That does seem like a gargantuan chair.

    10. I love that chair. It looks so comfy. The downside is that the color would be hard to keep clean.

      I can't imagine getting a period at age nine. My heart breaks for these little girls. That is just so young.


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