August 8, 2014

Thanks for Asking

1966, Photo: Charlie Davis

Thank you for asking how I am.

Last time I fell, I did a decent tuck and roll injuring only one knee.  There were kind, comforting folks to help me up too.

This time I had no such luck.  I did a flying flat layout, landing prone on the sidewalk.  Rather like dropping an eggplant onto a runway.  My toe tripped, running into a cement barrier, at top speed.  It began to turn mauve and swell immediately.  I thought I broke a rib too but was spared that agony.  Both knees, both elbows, and both hands broke my fall.  Flat be me.

The kind, comforting guys from the Father Joe’s truck helped me up.  I had been rushing toward the open shop door that they were using.  As I sat up, I worried about the knee I had landed on last time.  I noticed the blood running down my arm from a road burned and bruised elbow which changed my focus.  The thoughtful cashier bandaged me up, and I hobbled through my day.

Yesterday I hurt everywhere.

Today I took two Aleve, which I know are addictive, and I only half hurt everywhere.  If I weren’t so old, it would be funnier.

  • Himself:  Worked hard and found money.  Played on his game hard too.  “Project Runway” at the 8pm version.
  • Herself:  Picked up the repaired, 3 buck-estate sale find, real turquoise necklace from the jeweler, took the new DeLlamas to Baker framing….it arrived with a five inch awful gold frame that Don would have hated, and got the truck washed.
  • Damages:  Cracked toe, one badly swollen knee, two scraped knees, a scabbed and bruised elbow.  My hip is fine.
  • Reading:  Elizabeth Moon.  Just what I needed.
  • Balance:  Moon.


    1. So sorry you fell, and I'll bet you have pains where you didn't know you had parts to hurt! Yikes! And we always look to see if someone saw us fell, right? Get well soon.

    2. Oh goodness. Falling is the curse of those who hurry and scurry. Where are we going anyway? Why are we a hurry to get there? Stop and smell the flowers. Love the photo of you. A good goal?

    3. Hope your body soon stops aching. I hate how often I trip these days...just don't pick up my feet, I guess.

    4. No falling allow - that's how I broke my shoulder. 3 pins and 3 screws later I still don't have as much mobility as I did before and some days it aches. Glad it wasn't worse but sorry that you're hurting. Have a relaxing weekend!

    5. Oh dear... I feel for you. So very grateful that nothing is broken. Healing hugs and kudos on finding that Turquoise necklace for $3! What a find!

    6. What is it about falling as we grow older? It seems to happen more often but I think it is just that we forget it when we are younger because it doesn't matter that much. I too, am aching because of a recent fall but thankful I didn't do much damage. Hope you are feeling much, much better.

    7. Oh dear. The older we are the harder we seem to fall. It's a bad habit though, and you should stop it. :)

    8. We are going to get you elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet to wear when you leave the house. No roller blades though.

    9. Love the photo.

      Falling, ugh, I can't wear flip flops anymore or any slip on things, more like slip off. However the first time I fell I had on tie on athletic shoes and the second time I was barefoot. Must quit hurrying I think.

    10. Oh my gosh! I am just seeing this now! Ladeeeeeee! Ladeeeeee!

    11. Oh my gosh! I am just seeing this now! Ladeeeeeee! Ladeeeeee!

    12. I am so sorry for your fall. I have damaged ankles and knees and hips, and know how painful those falls can be so you have my sympathy. I hope you heal fast.

    13. It will be worthwhile if you really do make this your last fall.
      You know you can do it.

    14. What??? Oh Mage! That's awful! I hope you're all healed up now. I have to really be careful about falling these days. Art doesn't fall very much at all. I wonder if it's because of the exercising he does. Aleve is addictive? No kidding?

    15. By the way, LOVE that photo of you!


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